Your Questions About Art Related Matters.

Please ask your questions about art matters here. Perhaps you have always wondered how water-colourists get that transparent look to their work or what the process might be if you wanted, for example, to make a small edition of clay sculptures, all the same.

Would you like to know how to go about painting 'en plein air' with oil paints? Have you always wanted to go sketching but lack the knowledge of how to start and what basic materials to buy?

Have you been wondering what mediums to use for tropical oil paintings so they dry faster? Are you looking for new tips and tricks to add to your acrylic painting techniques? For that matter, would you like to find an acrylic paint that can be softened and re-worked if you leave it for some hours? Would you welcome information about an acrylic paint that dries with a matt finish or one that could be used transparently?

Would you like to learn the basics of printmaking, using lino blocks, lithography stones, wood blocks, silk screens or etching equipment? Do you have questions about what dyes are best for silk painting or printing on cotton or whether chemicals are needed?

Are you 'stuck' with some problem with your camera or photography methods?

These are meant to be examples only and I urge you to search the site first to see if your query has already been answered. Of course, you will be able to find general answers by searching the internet, but perhaps you have a problem for which you would appreciate specific advice.

I can do my best to answer you but it is also likely that there are many experts amongst visitors to this site. If you are one of those who can answer a query, please hop in and do so.

I am sure that your help will be appreciated.

Please ask your questions about art matters here.

Ask away!

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