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Your articles about an art-related subject may be submitted here. Articles need to be original and at least 300 - 400 words in length. Choose any topic about which you are knowledgeable or perhaps about which you have a hypothesis.

This page also invites submissions about some aspect of art practice - perhaps, even, the old questions of "what is art" or art vs craft?

What do you think about art as decoration? Is it then "art"?

Your opinion on digitally manipulated images - the computer as a tool? The history of a particular art period and something about its leading exponents?

Is price an indication of value? How does the market set pricing? Do you really want to sell your work?

How about working methods? Do you go "flat out" with music blaring or do you need solitude and quiet to produce your best work? Can you work with an audience...maybe you thrive on it?

Can you become "stale" and, if so, what do you do about it? What about the idea of copying yourself? Is that really the way to spiritual destruction - or is it a way to financial riches? Are the two compatible?

Maybe you have a special interest that might generate some interesting and positive discussion?

Do you have some good tips on how to draw, make paper mache sculpture or your favourite oil painting techniques? It's all up to you!

Responses are invited so we could end up with a lively forum.

This is also a good spot to ask your art related questions.

Perhaps you have always wondered how watercolourists get that transparent look to their work or what the process might be if you wanted, for example, to make a small edition of clay sculptures, all the same.

What mediums to use for tropical oil paintings? Acrylic painting techniques?

These are meant to be examples only and I urge you to search the site first to see if your question has already been answered. Of course you will be able to find general answers by searching the internet but perhaps you have a problem for which you would appreciate specific advice.

I can do my best to answer you but it is also likely that there are many experts amongst visitors to this site. If you are one of those who can answer a query, please hop in and do so.

I am sure that your articles and help will be appreciated.

Submit your articles on an art-related subject here.

Do you have an art related story or viewpoint that you would like to discuss? Share your articles in this forum!

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