What an amazing finale to the year 2012

by Linda Jackson Opalinda

OPalinda at the Dubbo Opal festival..pic by Len Cram from Lightning Ridge.

OPalinda at the Dubbo Opal festival..pic by Len Cram from Lightning Ridge.

What an amazing finale to the year 2012…

9 October I drive to Dubbo in NSW for the Inaugural Opal Festival. .where I join my fellow Opal folk to celebrate the exhibit of the most incredible array of Opals…valued at $60 million dollars..!!! The ultimate Colour therapy !! I show artworks.. The Rainbow Opal Collection Limited Edition scarf has been created with original watercolour paintings and inlays of photographs of the “Natural Solid Rainbow Opal Collection”.

The gem quality opals have been gathered together since 1994, the year Opal was named Australia’s National Gemstone and is one of the largest natural Opal collections in the world. Black Opal from Lightning Ridge was named the State Emblem for NSW in 2008. The collection has been coordinated by Suzanne White, long term opal miner/cutter and ambassador to the Australian Opal Industry. The prized Opal collection has been contributed by a group of professional mining colleagues who wanted to make up a spectacular “Lightning Ridge Story.” The mysterious beauty and magic of the pure colour always inspires.

31 October and fly to Cairns to install “KADO The WAY of FLOWERS” Waratah and Opal scrolls and Screen in the CELL ART Space window…looks like a Japanese meditation room…

14 November and I have the front row view of The ECLIPSE…at Cooya Beach. A spectacular show and the feeling around was magic..I was so glad to be there. What an awesome event and in my own front yard!!

Back to Cairns for rehearsals… “The Colony “16-23 November at Jute Theatre. The last few people on the Island ..a leper colony..exploring the profound human kindness felt most acutely in the mists of suffering and expressed through lyrical theatre elements. I am involved as Costume creator... Willem Brugman- Director and Catherine Hassall – Choreographer saw my exhibition “Dyeing with the Red Mangrove” at The TANKS in 2008 and earlier this year the collaboration started. Costumes and cloths were left with Cat and the actors could play dress-ups over the next few months.

The weeks before opening I work closely with everyone during rehearsal to -develop-stitch-dye- more layers to each costume..and I love every minute !! All theatrical languages (digital media, sound, music, text, dance and gesture) are interwoven to support the story telling. The set is amazing and every night to be in the audience is heaven..

Fly back to Melbourne..pack the car and head for ..The Avoca Project 8-9 December in country Victoria. Artist Lyndall Jones amazing concept. Visitors participate in a guided tour of Watford House ‘dressed by Jackson’, installations ..Waratah- Opal-Green Tara – Zen- in the rooms of the house that sailed as flat packed planks to Australia 150 years ago.. and then a creative workshop in the studio ..painting and drawing. Working with Watford House, the grounds and Avoca itself, the river, the floodplain, the details, the atmosphere.

Pack up, well, roll up the scrolls and head back to Maryborough, still in Victoria. These works sure have traveled..

The last project..to collect all the photographic and film archives from the NGV that were required for the Bush Couture exhibition..and then XMAS and NEW YEAR…done !!!

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Never a dull moment!
by: Jill

What a year! And that was just the tail end of it. I hope that you can now enjoy a well-earned rest! Thanks for sharing.

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