Build Your Own Website Business and Work from Home?

Have you ever toyed with the idea that one day you might build your own website business? But has a reality check brought you to a sudden stop when you realised that you would have to learn all that "gobbledegook" html language?

I once thought that such a project would be quite impossible. But then I started some research and kept thinking...

My own website business?

What if there were a way to build my own website business, which I could choose to work on daily or just when I had spare time? What if it could be about my lifelong passion - making art? Better still, what if I didn't need to learn any html, although I might like to incorporate a few bits as time goes by...

...what if it could become a passport to independence, bringing in a steady income?

...what if it cost me very little and proved to be reliable and fantastic value? of all, what if I LOVED doing it so much that I may even stay up until all hours because I was having such a good time creating it? (Well, I didn't know that bit when I started!).

STOP PRESS - read more about this opportunity to build a solid business.

And there's more! For those who like using Wordpress, here is  BizXpress with all the help you will ever need to run your online business - and there's a 'lite' (free) version to test for yourself.


Artists, if you are considering having a web designer build you a website, please ask yourself if you merely want a site because you think that it is expected of you or if the site is to be your own website business.

Are you hoping to sell your artwork from the site? Great idea BUT only if you have lots of visitors coming to your site. No point in having a well-stocked, attractive "shop" if there are no customers!

I really know this from the bitter experience of having our own gallery web-site built for us, which cost us HEAPS but resulted in only a handful of enquiries and, from memory, one small sale!

Should you be living in the Port Douglas/Cairns area and would like to discuss this website business learning programme with me, please fill in the form at the bottom of this page and I will be happy to arrange an obligation-free session to show you how it works.

However, if you are just wanting to blog, not build a business, it seems that Wordpress, which is free, is the way to go. Or is it ??

By the way have you heard any of these urban myths about Site Build It? Worth a read to see if you agree with any of them.

While you're on the research path you might also like to connect with their Facebook page.

You can build your website business from scratch!

Well, as I found, all of the above benefits are possible, although I am not saying that it is easy! If you, also, like the idea of building your own on-line website business through a self-paced course of study, read on!

One option, which includes a free upgrade to the latest version of the programme, is the very inexpensive SBI! monthly offer, an easy, very affordable way to get started in a new website business - check it out -

Want proof of how good this system is?

As a semi-retired person who liked the idea of developing a "passive" stream of income, the concept of also growing a business as I built the site, appealed.

I assume that you have had a good look at my site - maybe just a quick glance, or perhaps there was something, such as the recent Gondwana's Garden, which kept you longer, or you may have wanted to know what intaglio printing is, or find out what Linda Jackson is up to these days?

Easy-to-use "tools" help all the way.

I hope that you like the "look and feel" of this site. That didn't just happen by accident, just as the size and placement of images and text wasn't purely serendipitous.

From researching a topic through to the step-by-step process of building your own business on-line, Site Build It! (the programme/course that I have used to build this site) provides amazing tools here's a brand new update to help you to build your own website business.

These tools make it all seem so easy (but I do have to concentrate and "brain strain" can happen...).

Problems of a technical nature can be solved through members of the Support team, who respond amazingly quickly, with courtesy and kindness.

Want to see what they all twitter about?

A new, 'laid back' career?

Having sold our family based art gallery in Port Douglas I was "sort of" retired, but still feeling reasonably energetic and motivated to build a business that was flexible enough to allow me to engage in other activities as well.

From what I hear, many others also want to enjoy their retirement in a positive and interesting way, which also brings in a decent income.

A large proportion of highly successful SBI-ers are young mothers, working from home around their family commitments. The topics of their on-line businesses often centre around their children, hobbies or some other area about which they are knowledgeable.

I came across Site Build It! almost by accident. Having downloaded a free copy of Dr Ken Evoy's e-book, The Affiliate Masters Course, I was greatly impressed with his generosity and un-pressured approach to sales.

Most websites scream "sell, sell", "buy me, buy me" the moment you open them, but often provide little information of real value.

Knowledge + Passion + Persistence = Success

Ken's approach is quite different. He believes that if you want to build your own website business, one that visitors will come back to time and time again, then you need to provide those visitors with what they want, which is almost always information.

Most people have some area of expertise about which they are knowledgeable and passionate - perhaps it's golf, writing, icing cakes, carpentry, model trains...the list could go on forever.

By providing information, which costs your visitors nothing, you make it more likely that they will come back to you when they do need to make a purchase or engage your services.

The SBI approach is "the way of the tortoise" and "owner builders" are advised to concentrate on creating great content, which miraculously attracts increasing numbers of visitors.

The wonderful thing is that it works! If you are looking for a "get rich quick" scheme, this is not it.

But if you want to steadily grow your own business, which will bring in passive income while you sleep or go off on holidays, then this may be for you.

For a thorough overview of what it's all about check out this video .

If you do decide to invest in yourself by learning how to build your own website then I wish you great enjoyment and a satisfying and rewarding lifestyle.

Coach Me Or Do It For Me?

Also, Solo Build It! has a fantastic help for those who would love to build their own Solo Build It! site but who can't spare the time necessary. If you would like to have your own website but are too busy to learn how to do it, they will help you every step of the way or actually do it for you.

If you already have your own website but are not happy with its Google and Alexa traffic ranking take the traffic test and find out how to surge ahead.

You may well have some questions that you would like answered promptly. If so click here for prompt, personal attention from an expert.

So, as they say, this is the first day of the rest of your life . What are you waiting for?

Questions? Ask away!

Click on the images, below, to see how  these artists are running their businesses through highly successful SBI! sites that they built themselves.

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