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me too
by: visitor

My uncle sent me to Europe for a year. UNCLE? Why Uncle Sam, drafted into U S Army. Spent a year in Germany and this is typical of many of the cities I was assigned to.

Sure brought back memories of riding through towns and villages. And to walk in their crooked curving streets. It is remarkable how Ted has captures the essence of the views, and to share with others and stimulate their memories also.

Thanks for the memories.

good choice
by: Anonymous

Went to my doctor for a checkup and blood work. And there on his wall in a treatment room was this painting.

When I inquired, I was told Ted was his patient and he likes this painting , so it is on loan to him so others can enjoy it also.

Good choice by doctor.

by: Anonymous

Yes, I stared and stared and could not satisfy myself as to the realism you have in your paintings.

I thought it was a color photo.

Museum quality to say the least.

Your work is among the best.

by: Jessie/Max

I would love to walk down the street in your painting!

by: Laura

This is so bright and crisp, and depicts the images I think of if I were to travel to a small European village. It makes me want to hop on a plane and go visit this site! Great work! It's good that you took your time painting this, and knew when the stopping point had arrived.

Love it
by: Anonymous

This is one of the best paintings I've seen in a long time.

by: Eric

Now you have me searching for a location like this when I take my next vacation.

Europe is a big place and I am determined to locate the spot. I will be searching.

Teds Painting
by: Dana

Well crafted, and I have met the actual artist, a true gentleman.

by: Cris

I have been to Europe, Germany. Though it was long ago, I remember these street scenes vividly. You have captured the moment in time, and illustrated it so 'lovingly', for lack of a better word.

An artist that puts their heart into a work soon is recognized for their love for the arts.

This is an exceptional piece. Whoever owns this will ultimately feel the true meaning of art.

I just love it!

by: Yddet

This artist never seems to amaze me. Such quality and realism must be commended.

Another amazing painting.

Australia must be proud of your works to show them on their pages.

They recognize talent! And you sure do have talent.

I want to go there
by: Yddet

YES! I want to go there. After looking at such realism that you so aptly illustrate, I am enthralled with your work.

I imagine this work was a work of love and not a commissioned work. Even the climbing roses on the buildings seem to be 'alive'.

I have become an admirer of your works. I bring up your piece and just sit at my computer admiring the quality, the crispness of your work. Such meticulous illustration has to be commended.

Ted, you are a "One In A Million", and I should know. I can bestow this title on anyone who achieves such success. Your captivating painting is of museum quality. I have seen some atrocious pieces in museum and this belongs in one.

Realism not abstracts are my personal preference, and this is truly exceptional.

Lighthouses to Landscapes
by: David John Simcik

When I first met Ted he loved to paint covered bridges. After awhile he progressed to light houses. I have not seen his work for a few years and now I see landscapes and street scenes are his area of interest. He has progressed very nicely! Keep up the good work!

by: Teddy 2

I've seen some of your work. This is exceptional to say the least.

I'm sure you will have no difficulty marketing this one. It belongs where it can be seen by many.

I enjoyed your comment that you (so called) let it rest for a week and went back to it.

Whoever your teacher is, is someone to be proud of the work you produce.

It is pretty as a picture. Sorry, picture is not a exacting word for such beauty. You have this person to say, "It is marvelous".

right on man
by: I'm a Ted too

Another fantastic piece. I'm a follower of good pieces and this is not good, - IT'S FABULOUS!

I want to see more realistic art such as this.

I cannot get into abstract work. To me it is a distraction, but then that is my opinion..

This is a work to be proud of, and I can see you paint from the heart.

you must travel
by: Anonymous

If you have not been to this place, you must go there. And take your paints with you. I'm sure you could find more scene like this.

There must be a market for such elegant pieces as this. You are one exceptional person.

Such realism
by: Ann Onimous

To achieve such realism, you must have been there at some time. No one can paint like that without having been in Europe.

The exactness of your work seems to flow, just as you said the idea flowed from your brushes.

Some day you too will be famous. But I hope not after you are gone. Stick with it, you do have a way of expressing your love for painting.

by: Yddet

I have been following your work. You achieve such realism with your paintings, and your description of your inspiration tells me you paint from your heart.

I could look at this painting, close my eyes and visualize my walking down that street. Such realism has to be rewarded somehow.

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