Under the Canopy - Exhibitions: event of the Cairns Indigenous Art Fair

by Paloma Ramos
(Cairns, Australia)

Under the Canopy is a collection of exhibitions, hosted by Canopy Artspace, that focuses on bringing together a diverse array of artists and artworks.

On show will be law pole paintings from Aurukun artist Joel Ngallametta (Thap Yonk: Design for the Law Pole); prints from Murris in Ink collective and Bagu from Girringun Aboriginal Art Centre, Cardwell (Sea and Sky); prints from Glen Mackie, Arone Meeks, Roy McIvor, Daniel O’Shane and Joemen Nona; and paintings, sculpture, prints and fibre works from Aurukun and Pormpuraaw Art Centres.

Thap Yonk: Design for the Law Pole - Paintings by Joel Ngallametta
Joel is a custodian and song man of the Wanman ceremonial group. His main sculptural theme is law poles, known as Thap Yonk. He is also the principal ceremonial songman and dancer for the associated ceremonies of the Kugu Owenh clan. Joel also makes artefacts, spears, woomera and fire-sticks. More recently, Joel has been working on a series of paintings exploring line and tone through his traditional saltwater clan design.

Sea and Sky: Gail Mabo and Murris in Ink Printmakers together with Girrigun Arts Centre Artists.
The exhibition features new monoprints and paintings by Gail Mabo and works on paper from Murris in Ink artists. These artists live and work in the Townsville region of North Qld and their works reference the animals, plants and
people who are part of their region, telling stories from the artists’ traditional country. Sea and Sky also features works by Girringun Aboriginal Arts Centre artists who present a new collection of contemporary, sculptural works. The Girrigun artists continue to astound audiences with their Bagu; three dimensional, contemporary interpretations created from ceramic, found and up-cycled materials. Bagu are ancient traditional fire-stick tools used by the ancestors of the Far North Qld rainforest people.

Exhibition runs Friday 16 August (launch) to Sat 7 September.
Canopy Artspace is located at 124 Grafton St, Cairns. Further infomation tel 4041 4678 or email the.palATbigpond.com

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