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by: Anonymous

I am from Scotland and this brought back memories of my living here. I have been in the U S of A for about 6 years now. Job assignment ad and job transfer.

Ted is better than a travel folder for anyone wanting to visit or see places of interest. This sure brought my mind to my memories of my life in Scotland.
Thank you "Mr. Travel Guide"
(I bestow a new title on you.)

Turnberry Lighthouse
by: RushMan

Anonymous said, "This painting is better than money in the bank. It will appreciate faster than any cash deposit ever could."
I thought he would appreciate the photo I sent him thinking he would enjoy painting it, since he enjoys lighthouses, covered bridges and nature's beauty. Never did I ask nor expect him to send it to me. Nor will I ever sell this painting.

by: Anonymous

When I look at this painting, I feel as though I am there. I can feel the sea breeze, I can smell the water, I can feel the sand on my feet.

This is an artist to cherish. He literally takes us on a trip with his paintings.

I hope there are more coming from this gifted man.

by: Mary

I absolutely loved this. Lighthouses are one of my favorites! This is beautiful!

by: Anonymous

Some relatives ask for money. Ted's son is practical. He recognized a fortune in the building. This painting is better than money in the bank. It will appreciate faster than any cash deposit ever could.

This painting is a fortune in the bud.

Good choice by his son.

all the luck
by: Jealous

Some people have all the luck. You make a beautiful painting and GIVE IT AWAY. And to a relative, no less, your son.

I envy him to have such relatives as you, Ted.

I have never seen a piece like this in an art gallery. This one belongs in a gallery, no less. It is so beautiful.

by: Shannon from JoAnns

I love this one. I reminds me of my grandparents house down by the "Down East" area of North Carolina. Stunning, calming and beautiful.

Thank you for sharing your art with me.

more realism
by: critic

I wish that this could be reviewed by one of Chicago's art critics.

They could only have favorable comments in their reviews. How can one get them to contact you and give a complete review of this new artist.

They rave about the "masters" of the past. But someone is missing a new master here.

The new Kid On The Block? You deserve recognition, and someone will realize this and you will get recognized.

by: Anonymous

The favorite expression of the now generation is awesome.

In my day it was fantastic.

My parents would say great.

Teachers used to say excellent.

But Rushman comment of WOW ! seems to say all of the above. Bet Rushman is a man of few words.

by: Laura

The blending of the colors for the sky is so realistic. This is a great picture to look at and relax.

by: just a critic

I kept this picture on my screen for about 15 minutes just staring at it.
My comment, since I am a self appointed critic.

This artist is fantastic.
Capturing just the right sky moment.
The water is perfect.
Even capturing the wave action.
The land illustrating the barren sea coast.

Rushman is so lucky to have this original painting for his own. I envy him. he has such a gifted Dad, and he shares his dad with all who will view this picture.

I rate this painting with 5 stars. *****

Just outstanding.

Very calming
by: Jessica from Citibank

I like this painting a lot. It is very calming to look at.

Breath taking
by: Anonymous

Absoulutely breath taking.

Turnberry lighthouse
by: RushMan

...and I still say Wow! For me, there's an aspect of surrealism that I like, but one of my favorite parts of this painting is the "red sky at night, sailor's delight!" This is a real "feel good" painting, serene with the interpretation of a better day tomorrow.
While driving home from a business trip in NJ this evening, I had a beautiful red sky sunset and I thought of this painting.

Thanks Dad!

by: Anonymous

This piece is going to look fabulous when it is framed.

You do have a way of capturing a scene.

As for WOW ! Here's one from me too. W O W !!

by: Anonymous

That's all your son wrote?

He is right. Only one word can describe this piece.

WOW ! (and that's one from me.)

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