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by: Violet

The detail in the ocean waves is awe-inspiring! I love the lone seagull it gives the ocean scale. Very well done!

by: Anonymous

I have seen photographs of Chicago's stormy lake front but never realized that one could capture such "action" in a painting.

Artists are extroidinary individuals.

This is so relistic, I can almost hear the ctashing sounds.

Our Love of the Sea
by: Bill and Karen

Ted has wonderfully captured the mystique that the sea holds for us. Look at this painting long enough and you will hear the waves crashing, the bird's cry as it flies overhead, and you'll feel the spray of the foam in the air. This has become a well-loved addition to our family room which boasts a nautical theme already, but it now feels even more like we are out on our boat! Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with us, Ted!

by: Anonymous

Looking at this painting I caught myself leaning into my monitor.

I thought I heard the breakers rolling into the shore.

Such realism in a painting.

OH! Did you hear it too?

by: Anonymous

In this tough financial time for some people, it is gratifying to see someone with heart. Ted most generously donates one of his beautiful paintings and Bill and Karen now have this wonderful painting for their own.

Three most generous people.

God loves a cheerful giver.

by: Anonymous

You are so generous, a gift for some student's tuition. Now someone has this beautiful painting from a gifted artist for their very own.

Ted has a talent to show such detail and feeling in a painting.

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