Romantic Tropical Weddings In Far North Queensland

Are you beginning to research the topic of tropical weddings in Australia? For the pure romance of gently swaying tropical palm trees, wide, white beaches, rainforest creeks or mountain hideaways, the area around Port Douglas and Cairns in Far North Queensland is hard to beat.

Top honeymoon destinations are also all within a short flight or drive away.

Perhaps you are looking for beach wedding ideas, a very popular concept, to judge by the number of couples I see having their photographs taken as they walk barefoot along Four Mile Beach in their wedding finery.

You will have questions about how to arrange the wedding ceremony. Will it be in the spirit of tropical traditions and held in one of the churches in the area or a more casual event on a pristine beach, beside a rainforest creek, on a tropical island or even at a mountain cattle station?

Will you organise details of celebrants, tropical wedding bouquets, reception, and wedding cakes yourself or will you engage the services of an experienced wedding planner who knows the area well?

Pink frangipaniPink frangipani

My daughters were married in the Port Douglas area, including Saint Mary’s Church-by-the-Sea, on the banks of the crystal clear Mossman River at Silky Oaks Lodge and, more recently, at historic Weatherby Station in the mountains – when bride and groom thundered in on horses and guests wore akubra hats!

Because we live here and had the time to do so we chose to organise most elements of these tropical weddings ourselves. But if you live elsewhere why not have a helping hand from a professional who can make the special day a joy for everyone?

Special wedding gifts

Special art wedding gifts - Imcalmo glass vase by Marie and Ola HoglundHoglund Incalmo Vase

This site is mostly about art and how it can make our lives more enjoyable. If you and your friends are wondering about “chipping in” for a very special gift for the happy couple, an original painting or gorgeous hand blown glass bowl wins “hands down” over a toaster! Such a thoughtful and meaningful gift will be treasured for years to come, long after the toaster (or pizza maker!) has been consigned to the scrap heap.

A fun wedding!

Not so long ago, while I was helping to organise an art exhibition in the old sugar wharf at Port Douglas, I was surprised to see two row-boats rounding the corner and heading for Saint Mary’s church on the beach. The boats carried the bride and her attendants. After a slightly unsteady landing the ladies disembarked to the applause of guests and proceeded to the church for the ceremony, mingling with guests and enjoying drinks on the lawn afterwards.

Bridesmaids are rowed to shore in a dinghyOff to a wedding
The bride is rowed to shore in a dinghyThe bride's turn

They were pleased with our invitation to enjoy the tropical art exhibition. Here they are.

The bridal party gather on the sugar wharf after the wedding.At the Sugar Wharf after the wedding

When you are choosing dresses for a tropical wedding keep in mind that natural, cool fabrics are usually best and that “smart casual” is the norm in this relaxed and sometimes humid tropical climate.

Of course, shopping for tropical or beach wedding attire could be another whole exercise in pleasure as there are so many clothing shops in Cairns and Port Douglas that you would be spoilt for choice. But really, why spend extra money if you already have perfectly suitable and comfortable outfits?

Great Barrier Reef Australia and other attractions...

Will guests be staying on longer once the happy couple have left for their honeymoon? It is a pity to not explore some of the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef, Daintree Rainforest and the Atherton Tablelands at least, so, once the tropical wedding of the year is over, why not relax and enjoy yourselves!

There is an excellent range of accommodation styles on offer to suit all budgets. I notice that often families will rent a large, luxurious holiday house and have a wonderful time catching up with long-lost friends and relatives from all over the globe.

Whatever your choice I wish you all the most wonderful and memorable wedding ever!

P.S. Special Tropical Weddings Album

Do you have special wedding memories, photos and special wedding advice that you would like to share ? If you would like to do that you will have your own little wedding web-page.

If you like the idea I shall make a slide-show of all photos sent in for everyone to enjoy so that we end up with a very special wedding album.

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