Tropical Photography - Beaches, Birds, Islands, Even Romantic Weddings!

With such stunning scenery wherever one looks, it is little wonder that tropical photography is a popular pastime of visitors to North Queensland.

What about you? Do you have an impressive photograph of an area of North Queensland that you would like to share? Or a fun activity? Or unusual scene? Tropical fish pictures? If so, please scroll to the bottom of this page and be our "roving photographer"!

Cloud capped mountain ranges tower over the narrow coastal strip, which borders the Pacific Ocean, their peaks looking inaccessible and forbidding.

The ocean, at times a sparkling, brilliant turquoise, at others stormy and wild, seems to respond to the mood set by the mountains as they either bask in benevolent sunshine or are hidden by monsoonal rain squalls sweeping across their faces.

For this is the region of, often violent, cyclones, which wreak havoc on forests and human structures, as photographic records of cyclone Larry in March 2006 and Cyclone Yasi in 2011 will attest.

Photographing Nature

Nature based tropical photography is popular with artists of the region, who produce striking work, which is often used for tourist brochures and the like.

Sweeping landscape and seascape panoramas join revealing close-ups of the hearts of delicate flowers or the spiral divisions in a pineapple skin…or even a tiny “Nemo” clown fish hiding in coral crevices.

Cairns artist,Ingrid Douglas, has kindly sent in a beautiful slide-show, 'My Little World' , macro photography of tropical flowers and plants that grow in her garden and the area around Cairns. It runs for about ten minutes, so get yourself a cup of tea, sit back, relax and enjoy! Very beautiful - thanks from us all, Ingrid.

Tropical Beach Photography

Tropical photography responds to so many opportunities; marks on the beach, in dry sand where the wind played with coconut fronds to produce intricate patterns...little balls of wet sand around crabs’ holes... or the brooding darkness of the jungle path, from which a curlew, green tree frog or python might suddenly emerge... are all subjects for the inquisitive lens.

The colourful mix of people and their activities – at sport or leisure or just going about their daily life - provide fascinating and ever changing subjects for the photographer.

Picture framer/ photographer, Wayne Parkinson, combines his love of tropical photography with his framing business and also sells his smaller images at the Port Douglas markets.

Wedding Photography

Many people choose Port Douglas, Cairns, the Tablelands or nearby tropical islands for that special wedding and there are very experienced photographers, such as Steve Brennan, on hand to record the occasion.

Ross Isaacs, who lives in Port Douglas, specialises in photographing reefs from all around the world, often teaming up with prestigious scientific projects to explore unknown ocean depths.

Then there are the photographers who use the medium essentially as an artform. These include photographic artists such as Keflyn Moss and a number of other artists such as Linda Jackson, Jill Chism, Louise Collier and Frieda van Aller.

Frieda’s observations of nature also take the form of structured haikus, which sum up the essentials of a situation in a concise but poetic form.

Photography as an art form

It seems to me that the camera has become an extension of the hand and eye of the majority of the population, especially since the advent of digital photography … which gives us all the chance to be artists!

If you would like to learn some great photography tips see what professional photographer, Mia has to say then put her tips into practice and show us the results?

Please write 400+ words about how and why you took your photograph? Technical details, such as how you positioned or used light, how you balanced your composition, chose shutter speed and so on will be of great interest to other photographers. Even if you are a 'point and click' photographer, we would love to know why you responded to that particular subject.

Do you have a great North Queensland photograph?

Please share, along with your 300+ word story about it?

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