Tropical Jewels Complement Designer Scarves.

These handmade tropical jewels, mostly in the form of glass bead earrings, supported by sterling silver wire findings, are designed to complement designer silk scarves by Jill Booth.

Dark red and green $12

Amber and blue $9

Blues $15

Simple glass beads, whose colours echo those in the silk scarves, are crafted into earrings and pendants. Their design is simple and comfortable to wear with any outfit, with transparent or opaque glass beads being held in place with silver wire, twisted and curved to shape.

Although my idea in making these little jewels was mostly to enhance the scarves, of course they may be purchased separately. They may be ordered as a hook style or a stud.

They are inexpensive to purchase - and easy to pop in with a matching scarf!

Special offer to you

In fact, as it would be so easy to include one or more with your scarf purchases, I would be delighted to pop in a pair of earrings from the following range, or similar, absolutely free of charge, with every purchase over $150 in total.

Pale pink, red and blues earrings with sterling silver rings

 $9 pair          PIS1X1                      RES1X1                        BLS1X1

And there's more!

If your total scarf purchases exceed $300 please add one pair of earrings from the second or third ranges, below, or else two pairs from the range above, free of charge. Please choose which ones you like best - or would you like me to choose for you?

Earrings in deep pinks, lighht pinks and red with green, some with silver rings

 $12 pair        DPIX2                              DKRGS1X2                              PIS2X2

white and pink earrings with ones in greens, deep blues and pale greens, all with sterling silver rings and findings

$15 pair   WPS1X3           GS1X3                DKBS1X3              LGT1X3

What, even more creativity and sharing?

Should your scarf purchases, on any one occasion, exceed $600 then I think you could ask for anything you like - within reason!

Then there are the slightly more elaborate, but still very inexpensive tropical jewels for your pleasure, such as those, below.

Sterling silver earrings in the form of a triangle with darlk green and light green glass beads on cream frangipani scarf

Green, $48 pair

The purples in these earrings pick up the colours in the bougainvillea scarf

Purple, $32 pair

If you have a special colour combination in mind I am happy to customise a design for you so please let me know your ideas via the form, below. Making earrings doesn't take very long but it is always possible that I don't have particular beads in stock all the time so please also suggest an alternative.

Prices noted here are intended as an introductory offer and will be revised in a few months, so if you would like to stockpile a few gifts for friends or for yourself, now's your chance!

Postage is included if you also order scarves. Otherwise, please add $2 per pair of earrings for orders within Australia and $4 for overseas orders.

Orders of earrings may be made by quoting serial numbers shown. Payment by Paypal or Direct Deposit.

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More earring ideas

Bright red and clear earrings on a red ginger scarf
Amber and light blue beaded earrings against a silk scarf in muted colours
Red and green silver and glass earrings complement the silk scarf on which it sits.
Small amber and dull orange earrings

AOS1X1 $9

Largish glass beads in several shades of blue

DKBTS1X3 $15

Lime green, soft green and silver drop earrings

LGS1X2 $12

Pretty red and silver drop earrings

RES2X1  $9

Three light blue glass beads and silver rings form this delicate pair of earrings

LBS1X1 $9

Longish drop earrings in stylish amber with orange beads as contrast

AO1X2  $12

Muted blues with mauves and dark blues are finished with a tiny purple glass bead

BM1X2  $12

Bright reds and clear glass twisted glass beads combine to make an eye-catching statement

RECS1X3  $15