This Tropical Artists Directory, continued from the previous page, gives a glimpse into the skills, experience and variety of the many artists, who live in this beautiful part of Australia.

There are sculptors, painters, glass artists, textilers and printmakers, but the medium used is rarely as important as the message and insights that they have to convey. Enjoy this foray into their world.

Also please see the new art journals page to share ways in which they develop their ideas and the Virtual Gallery page for some of the end results of their investigations.


Christine Eyres

Christine Eyres
worked from her studio in the northern beaches of Cairns but is now in Fremantle, WA. She examines stories and concepts relating to the human condition, rendering her observations in layers of paint - and meaning.

Jim Cobb

Jim Cobb
is a paint manufacturer as well as a painter, his laboratory and studio both being, until recently, in Julatten near Port Douglas - now in Sydney. Australian landscapes, rendered in harmonious colour on canvas or paper, give an impression of grandeur and beauty.

Josephine Cobb

Josephine Cobb, sadly, died suddenly in October 2010 and is greatly missed by her family and many friends. She shared an interest in landscape painting with husband, Jim, and frequently travelled inland with Jim and painter friends to capture the 'red heart' en plein air, with impressive results.

Louise Collier

Louise Collier lived on Low Isles, near Port Douglas, for five years, painting the beauty of the coral cays, lagoons, mangrove islands and the teeming life beneath the surface of the Coral Sea.

Cara Stevens

Cara Stevens enjoys collecting found, natural objects, which she uses to great effect in her collages and abstract landscapes or seascapes.

Ron Edwards

Ron Edwards, sadly, passed away in 2008 but his paintings, drawings and books about bush-craft and life in the far north and islands of the Torres Straits live on.

Leon Pericles

Leon Pericles
was regularly an artist-in-residence at Port Douglas Galleries. His gently satirical observations of life in Australia, executed through etchings and collographs, as well as paintings, endeared him to many visitors.

Ross Bannister is a printmaker, sculptor and painter, who works with paint, inks, clay, cement - or sand! More recently he has been specialising in etchings examining the philosophy of the human condition.

Judy Richards

Judy Richards works in clay, her delightful and often playful sculptures sometimes being decorated and finished with coloured glazes.

Laurel McKenzie

Laurel McKenzie
is interested in the gender stereotyping of women in the popular media and in fine art and explores this subject in her mixed media, digital art, original prints and installations.

Sasi Victoire

Sasi Victoire enjoys exploring cultural differences and similarities through her installations, drawings and lithographs.

Gail Shaw joyfully immerses herself in the magical medium of watercolour as she explores her rainforest surroundings.

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