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by: Anonymous

Such realism and in a painting, not a photograph.

An artists eye is ones window to the world. And this is a stunning example of such realism.

by: Anonymous

Another fabulous painting showing a simple scene that we probably have passed by without a second thought, and you show the beauty in it!

Good times
by: Anonymous

Reminds me of when I was a kid.

by: Chris


I think this is good.

what is
by: Anonymous

I guess the title trees is OK. But it could have been the fence. Or it could have been run down house.

Or maybe featured puddles like the puddles of water.

Just musing. I think your title is fabulous.

I hope you did not mind a bit of jesting about your marvelous painting. Don't even think of changing the title. It is exquisite! And I admire your work.

So real
by: Anonymous

The sky is so real. I see the wisp of the clouds in the sky. The building with its broken post is a fantastic rendering.

But the water pools and even the detail of the fence beyond the trees. All so real.

And the trees,of course, they say it all.

Beautiful title for a awesome painting.

I want it
by: Anonymous USA

Your style is awesome. You took a simple painting of an instructor, reproduced it in your style, then enhanced it with something new, - creating 3D objects in the foreground.

Such imagination. What next from you Ted? I'll be watching for more from you.

Yes, "I want it". This would be great hanging on my wall. This painting does not belong in some closet or in some corner. It must be shown and displayed.



fantastic awsome
by: Anonymous

You have had some great teachers. It shows in your paintings.

This is quite impressive. It is always a compliment to an instructor to use an instructor's object and to enhance or improve on it.

I am certain your instructors are impressed with your works, and this is most certainly an example of your dedication.

You are creating a name for yourself. People will be looking for your signature works.

beautiful tribute
by: Anonymous

Wow. An artist in Australia paints a lovely scene and it depicts a scene in Australia.

Then an artist in USA paints the same scene and I can visualize this as rural America, early western states.

Such talent, from teacher to student, both are to be complimented on a beautiful painting.

Ted seems to have captured the moment and conveyed the picture.

compliment to Keith Norris
by: a teacher

The best compliment one can give a teacher is to follow their example.

Ted, apparently you were able to capture Keith Norris style, and his method.

I would sure like to see the two paintings side by side and compare, so others could see THE COMPLIMENT and your tribute.

I wonder if Australia could post such a double picture. That would be the utmost tribute to him and his memory, since you seem to admire his work.

I hope the creator of this web page is able to act on this suggestion. I am a student of music, and a comment my music teacher made stated that Bach compositions were copied by many and it was considered a real compliment to have one's composition copied.

by: Anonymous

I looked and saw something new. 3D in a painting? And you did achieve this impression. I only wish I could have seen the real painting instead of a photo.

You seem to be an innovator, using silicone in your paint for tree trunks. I can visualize the roundness you have achieved with your innovative technique.

I do hope your reference to Keith Norris' work is passed on to his family. Such a loving tribute to a teacher.

you did it again
by: Teddy too

I have seen your Solitude painting and your Solitude2, not to mention Chicago-Lighthouse. I am amazed at your use of color, and your new style of following Keith Norris' use of acrylics as water color.

I hope you can set up a one man show so people can see and appreciate a "new kid on the block".

Your subject matter seems so varied, from light houses to landscapes to boats and seascapes. Your art is appreciated by me, and let us see more of your work.

WOW ! You made it so real
by: Yddet

Been following your work. You never cease to amaze me with your style. You capture the moment, that few seem to be able to achieve.

Your style, composition, subject material is stupendous. I can almost smell the country air just looking at your painting. I had to do a double take to verify that it was a painting and not a photograph.

Your tribute to a fellow artist is most warming. I am sure his family will appreciate your sincere appreciation for his work also. I do hope his family sees your piece and is able to convey their thanks also.

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