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settling the bill
by: Anonymous

OK Guys, time to settle the bill. OK who had what?

by: Anonymous

Surely the world has seen the famous painting by Leonardo Da Vinci of the Last Supper. Yet, to have all the disciples all on one side of the table as he shows it.
Now this is more realistic, with all Jesus disciples around him and around the table.
This should be displayed some place so the world can see this impression of realism from this artist.
This too should be exposed to the world so many can see it and revel in its beauty.
How to get it to the world?

Dear Anonymous
Currently this website is viewed by people in 116 maybe that's your answer!

gifts abound
by: church member

Each time I enter Immanuel Lutheran Church, my church, there at the top of the entrance stairs is this beautiful painting.
Then when I enter the church itself, I see the beautifully carved altar insert in the alter.
I feel gifted twice to see two artisans work both in the same location.
What a gift from Ted

Beautiful Artwork
by: Lee-Direct

This is definitely a more realistic rendition of The Last Supper. I thoroughly enjoyed our phone conversation, and will make a pit stop at your sons club next time I visit Alb. Thank you for making a night of work a blast!
And again, beautiful artwork all around.

by: Anonymous

I had the honor of meeting this artist and shake his hand - - - carefully. I did not want to injure those hands that create such beauty.

Ted gave me a small business size card with a copy of this painting. He said he prints them this size and they are mailed to our service men so they may place in their wallets and feel closer to God.

He is true to form. I see most of his work is given as gifts. Now I feel I am a recipient of his generosity when he gave me this card. He also referred me to visit this site.

What a gift I received.

by: Anonymous

I hear that Ted has created another masterpiece of "The Last Supper".

And what does he do with it. True to form he donates it. Donates it to Immanuel Lutheran Church. I am anxiously waiting to see it on this site.

And again he has done his research before picking up his paints and brushes. What I have heard? He said, "According to the BIBLE, Matthew, Mark, and Luke state, 'and they reclined for the meal'. "
Ted said it is "The Reclining Last Supper."

He is a remarkable man.

by: Anonymous

The famous painting by (what's his name) is all over the world. He had all the disciples on one side of the table.

This painting is more realistic as what people do at a table, not all on one side.

Will this painting surpass what's his name and make you a famous name? I sure hope so. This is great !

my church
by: Anonymous

Each time I enter my church, climb the stairs and there at the top of the stairs is this marvelous painting.
Upon entering the sanctuary, there inserted in the alter is the beautiful 3D carved Last Supper.
My church is so beautiful with all this art and our own member has made this painting as a gift to the church.
God loves a cheerful giver.

by: Anonymous

As a guest at Immanuel, I saw this painting and the alter which inspired this beautiful portrayal of Christ's intonation, "This is my body - This is my blood", which remains with us.

True, Leonardo had a posed portrayal of the "Last Supper", but this is a better showing of what may have actually been the setting.

"His body and his blood".

So beautifully illustrated.

The Best
by: Anonymous

The best has been saved for last. I have scrolled through all the paintings in this Australia site, only to realize that the last painting is so perfect.

Most people have seen "The Last Supper" by famous artist, (forgot his name) but all the disciples were so "posed" all on one side of the table.

This is the first I have seen of such an illustration. Surely they were not all on one side of the table? This is more realistic of what may have transpired.

by: Keith

Quality art is so much more meaningful when it is connected to something tangible in the viewer's life. The Last Supper is a two dimensional depiction of a three dimensional relief I see in our church at least once each week. It serves to nostalgically inspire and bolster the congregation's faith. Thanks, Ted.

by: Anonymous

Immanuel is rich in history. They have an original 3D carved last supper and now a painting of "The Last Supper".

Such history surely is appreciated by members and visitors of this church.

God does work in mysterious ways, and 2 artists works are on display or all to see. Immanuel's members are so blessed.

by: Friend

Such a gift to Immanuel Lutheran Church. They are blessed to have such an artist in their church.

History and Michalangelo and Leonardo, and now a new name, - Ted.

This piece is fantastic. I have studied it and stared at it and still amazed with the detail shown. And the apostles are all around the table, which is a commendable element of this painting.

by: Anonymous

This is beautiful, Ted.

Spread the word of God's love for us. I am moved with this beautiful painting. I am telling all my friends to look at it and post their comments.

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