The Art of Fashion by Linda Jackson - collectors take note!

A few, rare editions, of "The Art of Fashion", written by Linda Jackson with wonderful photographs by Linda and also by Fran Moore, are now available for purchase from the artist. Orders may be made via the form at the bottom of this  page.

Model and previous fashion partner, Jenny Kee, wears two of Linda's striking designs, below. Don't they look stunning against their bush backdrop? Linda is so in tune with the subjects of her designs that they look natural photographed in the settings which inspired them.

Jenny up a tree wearing scribbly gum dressScribbly Gum
Model leans against tree wearing Black Cockatoo dress.Black Cockatoo

Describing her unique and dramatic use of colour, Linda says "For me it's the Australian bush landscape - the intense blue of the sky, the rich reds of the earth, the greens and yellows of the scrubby desert, the bold flashing colours of our national stone, the opal, the beautiful pure greys, white and silver-green of the gum tree, the patterns and ideas in the beauty of the wildflowers that adorn this country. This is the source that inspires my use of colour…”

Let's open the pages of The Art of Fashion.

Linda's fashion shapes and forms are part of her stories. But then, the designs which are integral to the fabrics, whether they be silk, cotton or wool, resonate with the energy and character of Australia.

Her 'nick name' of Opalinda was earned through her fascination of this geological marvel, the vibrant colours of which are represented in many of her fabrics and scarves.

Linda in sheer green 'seaweed' outfit.'Seaweed'
Beginning of opal section in the book.Opals Impress
Model wearing dark, bushfire outfit'Bushfire'

These photos of a few pages of the book give you an idea of the treasure which lies within. They are a look back in time, a retrospective, of some of Linda's original designs celebrating the country of her birth.

Linda's interest in the landscapes, lifestyle and plant forms of Australia is expressed in images and colours that connect with the fashions inspired by them. Many of her art pieces of stylish clothing have been purchased by the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney, a wonderful resource for future generations. 

Deep blue and purple of african violets worn by model - red backgroundAfrican Violets
Model weard deep green as she sits in a gum treeGumleaf

Please contact Linda direct via the form below if you wish to purchase "The Art of Fashion". The book is signed by Linda and is presented in a slip cover and wrapped in vintage cloth. Its cost, including postage within Australia, is A$390.

Linda Jackson original textiles and paintings.

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