Teenage Artists Experiment with Vibrant Colour and Form.

Teenage artists are in a brilliant position to experiment with ways of conveying their messages in a visual form.

If childhood is the time for self expression and uncritical creativity, the teenage years surely are a time for focusing energy into experimentation and risk-taking (with art!) before the responsibilities of adulthood erode some of that spontaneity.

This is an invitation to teenagers everywhere to share some of your wild and wonderful, exciting teen art. Sometimes it seems that there is a fine line between what is considered 'art' and what is 'craft'. Of course, good art needs to be well crafted and it soon becomes apparent if artists don't understand the basics of design principles when making their art.

The teenage years are from thirteen to nineteen - wonderful years when you can express your feelings or send messages to the world via your drawings, paintings, collages, sculpture, craft or photographs! This site is read by people in over a hundred countries, who will be interested to see your work, even if it is just pencil sketches or little experiments. Who knows, you may develop a 'following'!

Whether you are still at school, university or already in the workforce, this invitation is open to you at no cost - just for the fun of it!

It would be interesting, also, to know what you were thinking about when you making the work, why you did it and how successful you think that it has been. Does it have a message - or is that evident without explanation?

In order for the search engines to find your submission you will need to write 300 words or more about the whys and hows of making your artwork. Just pretend that you are talking to a friend and the words will flow!

Please also comment on others' contribution and help to make this a place where teenagers can exhibit in an encouraging environment - your own little website!

Have you finished a great artwork lately?

Have you been experimenting with various interesting mediums lately? Please show us all?

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