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his other series
by: anticipation

I located another series of Ted's amazing paintings in a series he calls "Peaceful Splendor-1"

If one has not seen them, you are in for a real eye catching treat.

He is truly, as someone called him, [a Grandma Moses], Ill call him "Grandpa Ted".

Such beautiful paintings.

revelation of humor
by: Admirorer

I was able to locate Ted and treated him to a FREE cup of coffee because I wanted to dig deeper into his mind and get him to talk about his creative side of painting and expressly his humor.
His biography I noted he was also a singing performer and I drifted our conversation in that direction. Then came a chuckle from him and his humor was about to be revealed to me.
The orchestra director, Bill Whitaker, after a rehearsal, gave Ted a song that Bill wanted Ted to perform. Ted scanned it and told Bill, no way. "It's a cowboy song and I'm in a tuxedo. "I want you to do it, I don't care what you do, you sing it tonight."
Well, out came Ted's humor: The song?
Ted spotted a line in the chorus, "I can't wait to look in the mirror, I get better looking each day." [It is in the 3 chorus verses.]
Ted had a carpenter cut him 3 Plexiglas mirrors. A small 3"X5", a 5"X7" and one 16"X24".
Concert night: Unknown to Bill, on the first chorus as he sang the lines, Ted whipped out the smallest mirror from his breast pocket, but holding it with mirror side to the huge audience. Bill was stunned, and one of the men took it away from Ted.
Next verse, and Ted pulled out the next size mirror from his inside pocket. The audience laughed and it also was taken away with gestures of HUhhh - - - GET HIM.
Last chorus, and Ted pulled this largest mirror from under the back of his coat. The audience roared with laughter.
The following year, Bill Whitaker said to Ted, get the humble man ready,it's not on the program, but we'll give the audience a treat.
So Ted's humor was even in his singing. Always something of a surprise which he now hides in his paintings.
[He is such a humble man.]

Grandpa Ted
by: Anonymous

Grandma Moses did not begin painting until at an advanced age. According to Ted's biography, he too began at an advanced age. Imagine what he would have accomplished had he began painting earlier.

So I'll refer to "Grandpa Ted" as a compliment for achieving this goal.

Reviewing his work I see immaculate fine detail and brush strokes. He lead one to gaze deeply into all his pieces. He has achieved what so many try and just do not accomplish.

Thank you!
by: Avory @ Supercuts

Hi Ted! Thank you so much for your support with our classes! I wanted to show my support with your beautiful artwork!

My classes enjoy having you as our guest and really enjoy looking at your artwork. Thank you for sharing it with us! Keep up the great work.

Avory from the Supercuts Training Studio in Wheaton.

by: EarthAngel

I was able to talk a little today with Ted on the phone to remind him of an upcoming appt...we some how got to the topic of painting and I expressed to him how I enjoyed painting honored to have spoken with someone with such amazing makes me want to continue with my flower paintings even more. Ty Ted.

by: Kate

Nice to speak to you today; love the artwork!!

Go Paula!
by: Jill

It's never too late - enjoy!

inspiring me to create
by: Paula

I have only seen a few of Ted's art pieces, but would like to see much more. Starting to paint at an older age as he has, has inspired me to get out my paints and get back into creating my images, as he has shown me it is never too late.

Amazing tour
by: E R room doctor

I treated Ted while he was in the emergency room at our hospital.

He had been attacked by a swarm of "Yellow Jackets" which are a member of hornet and wasp family.

Ted said he had been stung repeatedly the previous day and was in the ER that day also. He said he was stung on his hand when he arrived home, the previous day, after being treated here.

His hand was 2X size and I advised him that another series of stings could be fatal since he has built up so many antigens in his body.

His treatment was successful, but he must be careful hereafter. He gave me his card and I visited this site. This was the best payment I have ever received.

I want him to keep painting, as he remarked to me that the most beautiful painting he has ever made is still inside his head. And I hope he has many more.

worth watching for
by: Indira

I am so honored that you invite me to watch all of your great art works, Ted. You really one of the best. Your art is the extended arm of your imagination, The feast of inspiration for your muse. It isn't just creativity, its a way of expressing life. When I watch your art, I miss kindergarten. Boys were yucky, crayons smelled good, finger-painting was fun, and nap-time wasn't necessary. Life was so much simpler back then. Thank you for letting me remember those! -ind

"new kid on the block"
by: Art Critic

I have reviewed this entire collection of Ted Mueller's paintings.

I am an art critic, but do not have a published newspaper or WEB site, but this man is remarkable with his depiction of scenes.

I can only refer to him as the Van Gogh or Monet of this era. His work, his brush strokes are extraordinary, unlike many of this century. It is certainly timely, and feeds present-day appetites.

There is also much here to ponder beneath the surface. He is talented and influenced by the nature around him. His love affair with nature around him. It demonstrates how an artist keeps alive - furthers an art form most dear to him.

And he is humble with his comment:
"If you have a talent it is a gift from GOD. But if you use that talent, it is a gift to GOD."

enjoyable evening
by: Anonymous

Nothing interesting on TV this evening. Then I remembered receiving a card from Ted with this URL address.

I tell you I spent the most marvelous evening looking at each painting, almost devouring them. I read each description by the artist and also each guest comments.

I noted that Ted is most generous as he seems to donate most of the completed paintings. Donated "last Supper" and "Last Supper II" to his church. Then 2 paintings donated for a blind auction as a gift to a church.

"Mantuck Lighthouse" another donation to a pastor.

And several to Katrina victims. And some to his son. Oh, there was one also to Lucinda.

I noted only one was a contract purchase, or is it called a commission work. And one, Heidemann Mill is in a museum.

A most generous person is this Ted. And I thank him for a most enjoyable evening. Woops, it is way past my bedtime, but I enjoyed every minute of this viewing.

[priveledged critic
by: Envious

His wife commented she lives with him. What an honor, and to be the first to see his wonderful creations.

I imagine his wife is his worst/best critic also. Musing, maybe the painting never materializes without her input.

Ted has improved very much.
by: His Wife

Ted has improved a great deal over the last few months, but I don't want to brag too much as HIS HEAD is getting bigger all the time, and I have to live with him.

by: hospital nurse

When you gave me this URL address, I had no idea what to expect.

Your paintings are fantastic. Wish we had some of your paintings in our hospital.

What a beautiful gift you gave me, a tour of your paintings, right from a comfortable chair. What a delightful evening I had with your paintings.

Thanks !

met you
by: Anonymous

Met you while visiting your wife was in our hospital. Your art and your humor are commendable. And after viewing this fabulous collection of your paintings I was awed.

Your HUMBLE humor really shows, in your paintings and meeting you personally.

"I'm so glad I met you."

by: Anonymous

I see your humor in some of the paintings, but the realism is stupendous your show is stupendous.

Thoughtful art
by: Bela

After looking through your pictures I was struck by the lovely use of colour and your witty nature which shines through (I am thinking especially of the motorbike)!

Keep painting, Ted, it is a pleasure to see.

amazing detail
by: Anonymous

I was browsing through YAHOO and GOOGLE and wanted to see some grist mills. So I typed red mill and up came Clinton Mill in New Jersey. And there was a picture of the Clinton Mill. And it was a painting by Ted E. Mueller referenced to see it at

This is quite a detailed painting and I see it in in possession of his son. This is such a beautiful painting, and with such detail. Then I was able to see other paintings by this artist. he is spectacular with his beautiful work.

I would like to contact him to complement him on the beautiful work he makes. Please pass this comment on to him.

by: art critic

As a self appointed "volunteer" art critic, I have seen many art pieces. Ted has a wonderful way of placing just the right moment on his canvasses.

Subject matter is varied, which is fantastic. He has a diversity of subject and a distinct manner of selection.

Viewing his work is like a vacation tour. All seem to be very comforting for a viewer to study. Landscapes of his are inspiring in such a way that I personally can visualize going to that exact place, walking that scene.

I feel as though I have been on a mini vacation after viewing Ted's work, and have not left the comfort of my comfortable chair.

But most spectacular is the "Last Supper".

by: Anonymous

After viewing all your wonderful paintings I would like to have one of them as my own personal picture. But all of them are so beautiful, no stupendous, I cannot select just one.

Maybe I should have you do a custom request piece just for me.

I love landscapes and you do have a distinct way of painting them. More photographic than abstract which attracted me to your unique style and quality.

You can be sure I will look at these many more times until I revel in your beautiful paintings.

by: Ruth

Well you were right they are very beautiful.

Thanks again:
Your Demo Lady At Sam's Club

humble thank you
by: college professor

I want to thank Ted and the creator of this fantastic site for a memorable evening of art appreciation. I spent an entire evening studying each painting, Ted, and each eloquent description of each.

Apparently I have not been the only one to have experienced such an evening which many of the comments state.

Ted's humble passion for such realism and particular detail in each painting is apparent. Yet he humbly credits others for his gift. His works are superb with precision and detail. It is apparent he researches before he paints, and both are so beautifully done.

Why go to a museum when such quality of works are visible here? It has been recognized that music is akin to mathematics. Art is akin to appreciation of one's surroundings. I recognize that Ted has mathematics, music, and art, as well as his appreciation of his surroundings, all of which are so apparent in his work.

Lasting Impression
by: marie

You have created a lasting impression about your "humble self" as one comment stated.

Your work is so stunning, so detailed, I have a lasting impression of your work. And such a variety of interests you so eloquently illustrate.

You have had a marvelous instructor that has guided you. It is apparent you are a dedicated individual, as it shows in your paintings. I can assure you I realize each was not a quick dab of paint here or there, but painstaking realism shows on each of your pieces.

by: Anonymous

I spent most of an evening looking at all of your paintings listed here, reading their descriptions and your defining dialogue about each.

I'm sure you will create more and I am waiting in anticipation for the next revelation from you.

I will visit this site every week possible to see the latest from such a gifted person.

by: Anonymous

What a beautiful statement from a humble man.

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