Ted E. Mueller in Addison, IL (USA) library

by Ted E. Mueller
(Addison, IL. USA)

from Peaceful Splendor Series 2

from Peaceful Splendor Series 2

Addison library has invited Ted E. Mueller to have a one person exhibit of his original paintings during the entire month of January, 2014.

The exhibit is part of his paintings from
"Peaceful Splendor series 2"

Soon to be shown on Art In "Tropical Australia" is Ted's paintings of his "Peaceful Splendor - Series 2", the 27 latest paintings he has created during year 2013.

Ted is searching for titles for each painting. This is a new endeavor of mixed media, acrylic and water color on water color papers.

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exercise anyone
by: Anonymous

This style is unique. So real as someone noted, looks like a photograph.

I sat and stared at this painting for the longest time. Then I closed my eyes and walked around this beautiful picture.

And when I was finished with my imaginary walk,I headed for my recliner chair, and I was not even tired from my walk. I endorse this method as healthful way to walk and get exercise.

by: Ashley M. Taylor

What beautiful pictures. Very bright colors and nice lines. I really like this style of painting.

Thank you so much!
by: Ellen Moore

Thank you so much for such an interesting post!
I must admit Ted E. Mueller has become my favourite painter!

by: Anonymous

If the picture shown here is anything like what is to come, I can only say WOW.

Having studied his paintings shown in peaceful- splendor-1, and ted-muellers-story, we are all in for a real experience

by: Anonymous

I've seen his paintings on this WEB page. This man has a photographic method of his paintings. Such detail and precision. The realism he has is so (I don't know how to describe) amazing.

I'm looking forward to see this new series

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