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awesome paintings
by: Kathleen Dawson

I was pleased to meet you the other day by Leroy's. Thank you for giving me your card and what a nice conversation with you and your wife. I was so glad I looked on the website. Such an inspiration your works is! And yes, I agree the best artist is God himself. Very nice paintings and a very nice man as well! God Bless.

by: Anonymous

Oh, how I wish I were there.

Nice work
by: Anonymous

Very nice Sir. you gave me you card and told me to see how much you had learned from your Daughter.It was nice meeting you.

wall paper
by: Anonymous

I sure would like a copy of this to place on my computer screen as wall paper. Then I could see it every time I turn on my computer.

The colors are fantastic. And such a sunset lasts only minutes and you have so eloquently captured this scene.

so beautiful
by: Anonymous

This is so beautiful. I spent a long time studying this picture. There is so much to see.

And after I make my comment I will return to this painting and just relax, is the best I can express. It is and has such realism.

You are right
by: Preacher

Seems that pastors are enjoying this beautiful painting and their comments are right on the mark.

Praise HIM from whom all blessings flow.

You have captured a moment but give credit where credit is due. HE is Wonderful, Counselor, The Mighty GOD. And Creator of all.

Much blessings for your humble credit to "OUR CREATOR".

Beautiful words
by: A pastor

You do know where your gift comes from.

Praise him from whom all blessings flow.

God's hand
by: Pastor

You so eloquently stated a fact of your talent. It is God's gift, and you are using it so wisely to illustrate his wonderful paintings of this world.

God's hand is guiding you with his purpose of your life. And you are using it wisely.

Thank you and thanks to God for his wise choice.

by: Pastor

You credit where credit is due.
You respect your creator, and give tribute to HIM, who created all.
He has blessed you with a talent. Use it wisely and always give tribute to HIM!

Blessings to you. You honor GOD.

by: Art

Beautiful is all I can say.

Your capture of the sky is so appealing. It is a stand out feature of this painting.

I literally can feel walking through this forest and feel really close to God. After all, he makes the weather and he has made us.

Blessings to you and your fine art.


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