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Thank You
by: Anonymous

Mr. Mueller is so gifted. This really feeds my Spirit. I am so thankful that Mary gave me this link to view these very beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing your gift with others!

by: N-Allianz

This reminds me of a place near my grandfather's place when I was a kid. This is the most calming photo. It was wonderful talking to you, Mr. Mueller. Thank you for introducing me to your work!

by: Anonymous

I love your numbering system. You find a neat title name and hang on to it and then make more paintings that fit the title and just number them.

How unique.

by: nurse shannon

This is a beautiful painting that brings the weight off the shoulders.

by: Anonymous

I love your creative naming of your paintings. And when you hit upon a distinctive name, you number them: So creative, and it is well shown in the paintings of this artist.

by: Anonymous

I looked at this picture, closed my eyes and had an imaginary trip along this path.

Such inspiration from this.

When I opened my eyes again, I had to return to reality. This painting picture is remarkable, especially to me.

Now my journey is over, but "I'll be back."

Someone else said that too.

by: Anonymous

Such realism is to be commended.

If only you could add the perfume scent of the location, you would have achieved perfection. Your presentation has such realism that few in these days seem to illustrate.

My commendation on this excellent piece

creative imagination
by: Anonymous

There must have been a Solitude 1 and a Solitude 2 before a Solitude 3, so I will be searching for them also.

Such naming imagination: Find a descriptive noun and then repeat its use as a number system.

Very creative Ted, as are your beautiful paintings.

me too
by: Anonymous

I stared at this painting for a full minute. Then I did as the artist says he did.

I closed my eyes and walked this path as he did. Such realism is commendable. I think I could even smell the greenery of the area.

Such inspiration. Now that I have come back down to earth I must compliment him. He sure is an inspiration for his audience.

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