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by: Debbie Wedoff

As I was viewing many of your paintings, I came upon this one. I will say, I paused, not sure why. As I was staring at it longer, I realized I had seen the picture before, perhaps in real life. I can't recall where or when, but I remember driving through a very similar scene. California maybe? This painting is truly beautiful and my favorite!

by: Anonymous

Looking at this painting and I was overwhelmed with a calming feeling. I am jealous of whoever owns this painting, as I wish I had it just to stare at it for its soothing effect.

by: Anonymous

Aptly named painting.

Will there be a Solitude-3?

I can anticipate this next scene already.

Anxiously awaiting.

I've seen this
by: Anonymous

Well, maybe not this exact place, but you inspired my imagination as to a walk I had long ago. I closed my eyes after looking at this wonderful piece and I was there.

You have such realism in your paintings, I could almost walk right into the painting.


a walk in time
by: Anonymous

This is so real, I had to do a double look.

I can visualize walking this path.

But not today, it's too darn hot here, with 90+ temperature and 'humididity' way up there.

But thanks for the invitation anyway.

Peace and quiet
by: Laura

I could look at this painting many times and find new things in it each time. It is so peaceful and realistic, you could imagine hearing the birds in the air, or the wind blowing through the trees. It is very calming and majestic in its beauty!

I love it
by: Anonymous

Peaceful - I think that sums it up.

by: Fred

I look at the path. I see the small strip of water beside the path. I look into a sunset.

You have not missed an element in this beautiful painting. I was open mouthed when I first looked at at. Called my wife for a look, and we simultaneously said WOW!

That says it all for us.

Let's go for a walk
by: daughter #1

This painting reminds me of the paths we walked on camping trips when I was a young girl. Today would be a good day for one of those walks (just came in from pulling snow off the roof of the house).

Your grandson liked it also.

beautiful title
by: Anonymous

Solitude2 is such an appropriate title. So there has to have been a solitude (1) also. My personal challenge is to look for #1.

But my opinion of this painting is that IT IS #1!

I am sure your instructor is proud of your accomplishment. Your style is so relaxed, yet your detail is so exquisite and exacting.

Makes me curious as to your profession background, since this is most certainly a creation only a relaxed individual could create. I see no tension just (searching for the right word) . . . .

No, the title says it all - - SOLITUDE.

You have created it and so aptly named it.

Had to look again
by: I'm a Ted too

I had to have a return look at your painting. It is soooooo real.

I closed my eyes after looking at it and I could imagine walking this path in complete "Solitude"

Your work is just stupendous.

And Australia seems to appreciate your art and use of their products to captivate and attract the eye and revel with your captivating portrayal of such places.

The title is very appropriate. This piece should sell for a respectable price.

by: I'm a Ted too

I am amazed at your realism. Your capturing the moment is a real accomplishment. And the perspective is almost camera like.

I would be proud to have such a piece to hang in my home. I'll be watching for more of your works.

by: Anonymous

Love your work - it is so restful.

I would love to have such a painting in my den.

Hope to see more of your work shown here.

by: Anonymous

Marvellous use of color and paint strokes. You have captured a moment in time that is irreplaceable.

I will be looking for more of your work in the future. I hope this is not the only work you have produced.

This piece is museum quality work, and I imagine someday it will be in some museum. It is too good a piece to be hidden away in some private collection.

Way to go Ted.

Solitude Too
by: Anonymous

As I looked at your painting, I realised why you selected this title. The title is very appropriate and I could stare at it for hours if it were mine.

I saw your Solitude (one I guess) and I see your composure and you are able to transmit that feeling with your paintings.

Way to go man. [I guess you are a man.]

Your way
by: Yddet

You sure do have a way with the paint brush.

Why go to a museum when one can look at such great presentations that you are able to show with such detail.

I too can imagine a walk down such a path or roadway. This piece is stupendous.

I have to look for more of your work

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