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by: Johnnie

I could not think of a proper title for this, but my wife said to use what I said when I looked at this. I could not remember saying anything, until she said "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooo.

And it is a fitting comment title I assure you.

Staring at this piece and I realized the title you so aptly selected. My comment still is running through my head.

You are fantastic with your brushes.

so this is what you do
by: admirer

You come into our shop and purchase paint products, canvases and brushes.

I finally got enough nerve to ask what you painted and you simply said LANDSCAPES. Further questions from me and you gave me this address to see your work.

This is more than I expected to see. I stared wide eyed at this work of art from "just a customer" at our shop. I was awe-struck with your beautiful paintings. All so real! So much intricate detail in each of your wonderful paintings.

You are one in a million and I am just so honored to have met you and now see your works.

I would love to go there
by: Chris Chase

Such a relaxing painting. I would love to be there in autumn.

way to go
by: Anonymous

This one is just awesome

by: Anne Ominus

I was inspired when I viewed your painting Ted, you have captured a moment in time that few realize exists.

A walk in the country, or in the woods can only render such beautiful feelings of "Solitude", and you have been able to place just such a moment on your canvas.

Someone is sure to enjoy looking at this painting if in their home or a museum. I could feel my spirit lifted as I stated at this small picture that Jill has so graciously displayed on her page.


by: Sheryl (Ultra)

Mr. M
I finally got to see your work. Phenomenal!!! Thank you for the blessing. God sends people to us in our times of need. Thanks for the blessing!

Eternal thanks

by: Anonymous

All the beautiful descriptive words have been used by previous comments. It is awe inspiring. When I saw it I said A-W-E or was it AH?

Actually it is all of these: STUPENDOUS PEACEFUL
RESTFUL, but the younger generation uses AWESOME. I guess it is all of these.

Congratulalations on a fantastic presentation.

by: Anonymous

Such a peaceful picture. Makes me want to to walk that path

by: Anonymous

This painting is so restful in its composition.

Would love to have your work in my home.

by: Anonymous

You may not be a well known artist, but your work is stupendous. And the title is so inspiring.
Native Americans, love it. Actually they were there before the "invaders" came from Europe.

Love your work. Is it for sale?

So peaceful
by: Anonymous

Native Americans. New name for mis-named Indians. I love it. And the painting is stupendous.

The name Solitude is very appropriate also.

Are you a well known artist? Hope to see more of your works

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