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HOME - an overview and introduction to the site

TROPICAL ART BLOG - alerts you to the latest additions to the site

TROPICAL ARTISTS - a brief introduction to each artist featured here
More artists of North Queensland
What is fine art? Definition of fine art
Early Australian art history
Escape artists
The golden spiral in composition
Principles of design - for drawings, paintings, sketches, sculptures, architecture
Article - abstract acrylic paintings

VIRTUAL ART GALLERY - original artwork for sale by -
Tania Heben, Tropical Paintings+   Tropical Flowering Trees  + Digital Fine Art Prints  + CV
Jill Booth + Semi-abstract Paintings  + Silk Painting  + Quality Prints  + CV
Linda Jackson   + Bush Couture + Linda Jackson's opal jewellery + The Art of Fashion + CV
Terry Johnson + Giclee paintings + Decorative wall tiles + CV
Mary Ann Runciman + Boat Paintings + Figure Drawings + CV
Hoglund Art Glass + Glass Blowing Art + Glass Jewellery + CV
Yoshiko Kirby + Portraits + Landscapes + CV
Ross Bannister + Paintings + CV
Anna Curtis  + CV
Judith Bohm-Parr 
+ Glass classes + CV
Beat Urfer  + Australian Stories  + Myths and Legends  + CV

PORT DOUGLAS ARTISTS - see what they're up to!

PAINTINGS - overview of painting in Tropical Australia

Jill Booth
Linda Jackson
Tania Heben
Christine Eyres
Terry Johnson
Jim and Josephine Cobb
Cara Stevens
Ron Edwards
Beat Urfer
Mary Ann Runciman 
Louise Collier
Yoshiko Kirby
Ross Bannister
Gail Shaw + CV

DRAWING IN THE AUSTRALIAN TROPICS - drawing pencil sketches
How to draw people

PRINTMAKING – general description of types of printmaking
Relief Printmaking
Anna Curtis   +CV
Leon Pericles
Laurel McKenzie
Sasi Victoire

SCULPTURE – introduction to sculpture in Tropical North Queensland
Judy Richards
Lone White
Ross Bannister
Article - Ceramics in China
Article - Japanese Pottery

COLLECTIBLE GLASS ART IN THE TROPICS – leading Australian trends?
Hoglund Art Glass   + CV
Article - Graal Glass
Judith Bohm-Parr   + CV
Beat Urfer
Article - Cloisonne Enamelling

TEXTILES IN FNQ – the art of “one-off” fabrics
Linda Jackson
Silk painting - Jill Booth
Fabric Designs
Designer silk scarves - Jill Booth
Tropical Flowers silk scarves by Jill Booth
How to tie scarves
Fashion Scarves
Fashion photography competition
Article - Dyeing Fabrics

Linda Jackson's Australian Opal Jewelry
Little Tropical Jewels

PHOTOGRAPHY – general page. Up-load your own tropical photographs?

Article - how to photograph the moon

GICLEES – what is a giclee print? Quality giclee reproductions for sale.
Tania Heben's inexpensive giclees and art prints
Affordable fine art giclees - Jill Booth
Digital Art Solutions - article
Fine art Prints on Canvas - Great Barrier Reef Australia series
Tropical Flower prints

Aboriginal art history
Aboriginal dreamtime
Aboriginal art symbols
Thursday Island - Torres Strait Art
Torres Strait Islanders - Billy Missi
Bradshaw Paintings of the Kimberleys

Semi-abstract paintings
Original paintings for sale
Collage ideas
Building this website
Designing Kids

How to sketch for beginners
Learn to draw people - human anatomy studies
Superb online painting course
Solid twelve week drawing course, videos and text
Learn classical oil painting
Learn to paint and draw - choose from forty tutors and hundreds of videos

CREATIVE TOURISM – the new reason to travel
2020 Creative Art Ideas - isolated and with time to create
Creative Arts Workshops - learn skills, meet like-minded people
Free Arts Directory - find out about arts groups in your area - list yours!
Artquest Port Douglas - hands-on special experiences and workshops
Artists retreats
Art classes directory - find an art class near you.
Haiku poetry writing
Tropical artists in their studios
Studio 8 glass workshops
Tropical art classes
Arthouse Port Douglas
Overseas art workshops - Krazart
International and Australian art retreats
Australian television promotes tropical artists
Artists' Videos
Friends Online

Cairns Regional Gallery
Port Douglas Artists
Beautiful Art Spaces
Low Isles exhibition
Artists at work
Low Isles artwork
Asian Influence Exhibition
Friends Online
Gondwana's Garden
Up North online
Art in Transit

Up North 2020 Calendars

CORPORATE GIFTS AUSTRALIA – VIP custom-designed gifts for the Meetings, Incentives, Conference and Exhibitions market

FESTIVALS in Australia
Port Douglas Village Carnivale
Go Troppo Arts Festival

Robin Ayers' holiday portrait sketches - of you!
Cara Stevens' small collages
Ron Edwards - Australian folklore and bushcraft + paintings
Karin Dorn’s coconut jewellery

Chroma Australia

TROPICAL INTERIOR DESIGN - efficient, attractive and comfortable tropical housing

E- NEWSLETTER - sign up for free newsletter about art news in Far North Queensland

FREE E-CARDS – keep in touch with friends and family

TROPICAL HOLIDAYS - come and experience life and art in the tropics of Australia first-hand!
Port Douglas Weather and Map of Tropical Australia
Accommodation choices
Port Douglas Bed and Breakfast
Luxury house for families or small groups
Cheap Topical Vacation
Australia Travel Destinations
Luxury Travel Trends
Great Barrier Reef Australia
Isle of dreams
Tropical island beaches
Tropical island pictures
Tropical tours
Fine dining

TROPICAL WEDDINGS – planning yours?
Send in your wedding photos and story.

ARTS EVENTS – This page is designed to promote your art related events in North Queensland. Tell the world about them!
Announcements and Achievements
Opportunities - grants for artists, residencies, contests

YOUR ART IDEAS – is for your contributions. Please enjoy sharing
Creative Art Ideas
Fine Arts Forum
Your Australian artwork
Artwork from other countries
Your children’s art projects
Teenage artists
Your articles
Tropical arts events
Your art workshops
Painting tips
Your Australian photos
Famous artists' quotes
Your favourite artists’ quotes
Australian Poetry
Haiku poetry and more...
Your questions
International Art Workshops


WEATHER AND MAP OF TROPICAL AUSTRALIA – what's the weather doing right now in Port Douglas?

e - NEWSLETTER - catch up on art focussed discussions and events

CONTACT - questions, comments, suggestions?


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