Australian Artists, Sell Art Online - Pay No Commission!

Would you like to sell art online and pay no commission?

AND have free membership of a leading European art site?

Of course I know that you would like to sell your artwork, quite apart from the attraction of not needing to pay commission. But can you spare the time away from making art to learn marketing skills? It is something of a dilemma and some may choose to sell art online through their own website.

But how successful might that be as a sales strategy? See some thoughts about the advantages and disadvantages if you decide to sell art online through Art in Tropical Australia.


To sell your art work through a gallery is often difficult and expensive. Overheads for galleries are huge and if they have an established ‘stable’ of artists they will often not have space or the resources for newcomers.

No doubt you have a marketing plan, which may include sales opportunities at group shows, art competitions, studio open days, markets and the like. Or you may have built your own website as a reference for clients and, hopefully, to sell art online. But will visitors flock to your on-line gallery each and every day, 365 days in the year?

I have worked very hard to build this website and it attracts hundreds of art-interested visitors every day.

You will see that I have featured some of the leading artists of North Queensland on the site. They are here by invitation and now it’s your turn!

I am dedicating a section on this site for artists like yourself who want to sell art online, even if you do not live in tropical Australia.

Sell your art online via your own webpage

The idea is that you will be able to display up to ten pieces of work for sale on your own webpage on this site. You will take all responsibility for the authenticity and quality of the artwork and its sale plus packaging, insurance and freighting if required.

Buyers will be able to communicate directly with you and I will have nothing to do with the sale, nor any responsibility for the way in which you conduct it. I am merely helping to connect artists and buyers.

However I do urge you to display your best work – remember that this exercise is also a promotion for you. Any artwork or description of work that I deem unsuitable for whatever reason will not be included.

There will be no commission payable to me but I require a nominal fee of $30 per year before you start to help a little with my costs (can you believe that? If you sell all ten that will have cost you a mere $3.00 per art work, not counting the considerable publicity generated for you and your work). You will be required to pay only $30 for the first year and $30 for the second year, after which this limited offer will expire.

Should your work not be accepted your fee will be refunded.

Reach European art lovers through bonus FREE membership of Krasart.

In addition to this very attractive introductory offer I have arranged with Marcel Kras from that if you choose to sell art online on my site you may also have a free membership on his site for one year.

That membership enables you to list your art workshops as well as sell art online on his site, so is overflowing with benefits for you.

It is also possible that you could buy your own website template, very inexpensively from him – more of that later.

Of course, you need to do the work of uploading the images and writing a description of them as well as a short bio about you and your art practice. You have control of how your message is presented.

This total offer is rather unusual. Both Marcel and I pay hundreds of dollars to advertise our sites on other websites – so, obviously, we must be mad to be practically giving away space on our own! So hop in before we come to our senses!

Seriously though, we value your contribution as it will help both sites to promote Australian art and artists to the world.

ARTISTS and collectors, relax as you buy and sell art online from the comfort and convenience of your home.

This service to artists and art buyers puts you in touch with each other. Now it's up to you. Enjoy the journey!

ARTISTS check out this compelling OFFER:

It is a simple step-by-step process to sell art online here:

1. Please fill in the form below and pay your nominal subscription fee.
2. Photograph your artwork and save it to your computer.
3. Upload a short biography, contact details and a photo of yourself here.

4. Upload images of your artwork, one at a time, along with a brief description of each on the same page.

5. Repeat the process but using different images and words for the Krazart site. I shall send you the password to the free offer and landing page on Marcel’s site as soon as you have been accepted onto this site.

Good luck to all of you in your efforts to sell your art work; may it go to a wonderful owner!

BUYERS please follow the links to participating artists and their work. As work is sold it will be replaced, so bookmark this page and come back often!

Art lovers, please join in by telling us what sort of art work that you would like to see featured on this site and why it interests you.

I have built this page so that you may interact with each other here as well as checking out the art work for sale.

Art lovers, please join in?

Artists, art lovers, art buyers, please let us know what sort of art work that you would like to see featured on this page.

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