Sculpture Project

by Helane
(South Australia)

Hi, my name is Helane. I am in Year 12 in an country South Australian school and one of my subjects is Art/Design. For this subject I have to perform 2 major assignments. For one of these I became interested in clay sculpturing.

I was just wondering if you had any tips of things to make and tips on how to make a good clay sculpture. I am a beginner and am a bit nervous in doing something that I have never done before for a major assignment - but would love to give it a go.


Hi Helane

That sounds an interesting project. I can understand that you will be feeling a little uncertain about making a clay sculpture if you haven't worked with clay before. It would be good to have your teacher's advice advice and cooperation on this so I suppose you have discussed your ideas with him/her?

I imagine that the first step would be to decide what your subject matter is and why clay is the most suitable medium with which to express your ideas about it.

As with any art endeavour you will, no doubt, make use of some of the principles of design, which I am sure you know a fair bit about but which I have summarised here - .

As for the technicalities of preparing your clay, working out the structure of your sculpture and deciding on methods of building it, firing and maybe glazing it, I have a surprise for you.

Port Douglas sculptor, Ross Bannister, has agreed to give you a few tips and pointers to get you started so check back here in a day or two.

Good luck!


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Sculpture is...
by: Ross

Hi Helane

First of all, start with subject matter you are familiar with and will enjoy making, this will ultimately show in whatever you create. I feel that this is the most important advice that I can give to you.

Next, get together with a sculptor/teacher and learn the basics, you need the visual scope and to be hands on. You learn the rest as you go as your own creativity takes you to where you want to be!

There are no shortcuts, I wish I could tell you there are!

Perhaps you can google search online for sculpture tutorials, I know when I was looking at casting pieces, I found so much info that way.

Best to you, Ross

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