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by: Anonymous

What a memorable plane ride Ted had.

Then he "paints" a beautiful picture of that day. Saves memories in canvas. What a novel approach.

BUT what I did not see was a thank you from Wally and Cheryl.

by: Anonymous

Did you hear that noise? Not noise, its the plane's engine I hear. BURRrrrrrrrr.

Yes I see the realism in this painting.

Ted achieves what few do.

by: Anonymous

So much detail. The guy wires and even the people in the plane.

This man loves his work, if it is work. But giving others enjoyment is to be commended.

by: Anonymous

And Ted had a ride in this antique? It is so well restored. Wally must spend lots of time with his love of this plane, just as Ted has so fantastically shown it as a canvas. And flying right over an airport, or is it an air field.

Detail? Even the pilot in the rear seat and the artist up front.

Ted has not missed a single thing with his rendering of this plane, even the wires between the wings.

Plane lover- plain lover
by: Admirer

Wally & Cheryl are lucky to have a gifted friend like you. They have an original painting of their cherished airplane, they live at an airpark and now can proudly show this painting to their friends and visitors.

I bet when other visitors to their home see this fantastic painting they will be asking about the artist and send requests to him to paint their plane also.

good job
by: Anonymous

It is so realistic - - - I can almost hear the WURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR of the engine.

by: Art lover

Ted, you never cease to amaze me with your artistic paintings. You are so versatile in your subject matter.

I have seen your landscapes like "Solitude", your "Villa", and your lighthouses and mills. "Baby, Baby" was most spectacular illustration of love.

Your "LORD'S SUPPER" was an amazing piece of your love of painting. Now, a new venture, this painting of a plane in flight. Such versatility of your gifted hands never ceases to amaze me.

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