by wayne batchelor

I am oldish retiree and took up painting 3 yrs ago. I am self taught which is quite evident when you see my paintings. I was getting articles from you and wanted to unsubscribe from email. On speaking to Jill she was so friendly and she has 'rekindled' my interest.

I have got to a stage where I really need some good constructive advice...and especially getting correct tones in my portrait paintings. If I can be so bold I shall upload some paintings and if any constructive advice can be given I would really appreciate it. And also continuing on with your newsletter.

001...was taken off newspaper article about 3 x 3" and painted on canvas 4' x 2' in acrylic
002.. taken off internet and my first attempt at oils
003.. is a self portrait in acrylic.
004.. is my second go in oils taken off internet...these paintings I have done are for my own personal use so there won't be any publishing or sales issues..Hopefully I shall hear from you and these images have been uploaded...cheers

Note from Jill: Wayne, that's great that you want to be part of our little online community and it's also quite courageous that you are sharing your artwork with us all.

As I understand it, you are looking for some constructive criticism, so, all you readers out there, could you please lend a hand and share some of your painting tips with Wayne? Just click on the comments section, below, to get started.

Perhaps I could get the ball rolling by making an observation about copying from photos. It is really difficult to get a sense of form when you work from photos and so the result is often 'flat'.

I would encourage you to work from live models, if your friends and family don't mind too much - even set yourself up in a cafe and sketch people around you, using charcoal or soft pencils for a quick result.

Your self-portrait is my favourite of the four - was that done from a photo or from your mirror?

Who else would like to help Wayne? Perhaps we could start a (gentle) critique forum where anyone could send in their work for suggestions. What do you think?

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reply to Jill
by: wayne batchelor

Hi Jill thanks for your comments and posting my artwork...My self portrait was done from a photo.
Does this site have a place where I can ask artists questions about art...e.g. what are best colours to use for painting portraits? do artists use same colours for dark and light complexions?...and also is there a trick in using 'water based' oils?..I am having great problems in using oils..am thinking of going back to acrylics....Once again thank you Jill

by: Ted E. Mueller

I also am party of the geriatric generation.

I took up painting after retirement, sort of a Grandma Moses individual.

I tried portraits and shy away form them. Painting from a photo, which is flat gives flat results, hence a model is best resource. Also, skin tones are very difficult to put down. My instructor has me apply greens and yellows as under painting before attempting the skin tones. And it was frustrating looking at it in process, but when the final skin hues were applied, VOLE, it looked 3D.

I concentrate on landscapes as they are very forgiving and I seem to have ready "Live Models".

Stay with it, you are developing at a rapid pace.

critique forum
by: Jill

Hi Wayne

That's a great idea - I wonder if other amateur, hobby, or even professional, artists would like a place where they could show their work to have it critiqued in an atmosphere of helping each other?

I can set it up, no probs, but need to know whether others would use such a forum.

There is a section which has painting tips etc but that's not much used. Far and away the most popular interactive section on this website is Arts Events, followed by Workshops then Artists' Opportunities and Announcements.

What do others think?

portrait critique
by: wayne

Thanks Ted and Jill all criticism greatly appreciated and advice......thanks

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