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Tropical weather forecasts have become extremely accurate and it is possible to log into the Bureau of Meteorology's website to obtain up-to-the-minute  weather updates.

The nearest weather station to the small town of Port Douglas is situated on Low Isles, a tiny sand cay about an hour's sail from the mainland.

The resident caretakers record their regular observations, which are sent to the central, government bureau every four hours. As a volunteer caretaker on many occasions when the incumbents were away for a few days, I found it interesting to note the type of cloud present, wind speed, as well as temperature and barometer readings.

For many years Low Isles had also been an important, manned lighthouse, beaming its light to mariners threading their way through the many coral reefs as they searched for deeper channels. The lighthouse is still there but is automated.

Tropical Port Douglas weather update: Here is what is happening in Port Douglas today, as well as what we may expect in the next few days. Not too much variation, is there?

Wish you were here? Tropical weather is not for everyone, especially in the build-up to the Wet Season. But, once the monsoons start, the drenching rain is a welcome relief from the sometimes oppressive heat and can be positively exhilarating. Nobody worries too much about getting wet - within a short time, especially if the sun comes out, they are dry again!

Check out this comprehensive government website if you would like an overview of weather conditions and warnings for other areas of Queensland.

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