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by: Anonymous

This painting has the appearance that Peyton is about to climb out of the frame. Such realism is an attribute of this artist.

Peyton's painting owner has a one of a kind:
first the dog itself, secondly such a beautiful lively painting, and - securing the services of this gifted artist. How he has captured the expression and the texture of the dog's coat is to be commended.

This has to be a photo
by: Photographer

This has to be a photograph, and not a painting.

The masters like Leonardo, Chagal, and others never made such an exquisite painting like this.

The owner of this "painting" has a one of a kind painting made by a one of a kind painter.

by: Dog lover

Not only does someone have a beautiful dog as a friend, but a beautifully rendered painting.

The selection of the dog shows an owner's love.

The painting shows dedication of a God given talent.

The dog's owner made two good choices: first the dog. second the selection of the artist.

by: pet lover

Those eyes, the expression, the beautiful coat and colors of it's fur.

I was tempted to go to the pet rescue and get a "friend" of my own. But then I realized all the work to have such a pet would be beyond my ability. So I will satisfy my own desires by looking at others' so lovable animals and enjoy them that way.

Peyton must be a pleasure to its owners and this painting portrait is so real. I'm still enthralled with the dog's eyes.

by: dog lover

I took a whole roll of photos of my dog. When I got them back I had 24 beautiful pictures, not of the dog, but the grass.

Two pictures were of the tip of her tail as she ran off checking whatever. Not a single photo of her! I called her, she came, but by the time the shutter snapped, she was gone.

I will never get her to stand still to photo her much less pose for a painting.

Ted must have the patience of a charmer to get that pose on his canvas. Well done my friend.

Peyton - love those eyes
by: Arle-Mpls

It is so much fun to see how a person with an architectural background turns his knowledge of perspective into painting. For this reason, your paintings are always so pleasing to look at, study and enjoy.

by: dog lover

How did you get him to stand still long enough to paint his portrait?

My dog would only look like that and be off.

You must have charmed him like snake charmers in India.

by: Anonymous

What did the dog owner say?

Make that question, "What did Peyton's owner think?"

My opinion - beautiful animal and bet the owners are proud of him/her also.

Addison Senior Center
by: Darlene

I have known Ted for 2 years now. He is an active member of the Addison Park District Senior Center and a joy to be around. I have seen other paintings he has completed like the Last Super, the Light House and I am amazed at his work.

You are a wonderful artist!

so real
by: dog lover

I have watched this artist create paintings from lighthouses to landscapes.

Now his work has gone to the dogs.

Beautiful painting as I see it, and what a great subject to paint. I take it the name of the dog is Peyton. Very creative name also, and I know the dog's owner is proud of it as well as the painting.

Ted, sorry about the pun, you are to be commended fo your work. This one is exquisite!

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