Peaceful Splendor 1

by Ted E. Mueller
(Addison, IL USA)

Peaceful Splendor 1

Peaceful Splendor 1

I used to love to walk among the trees along shaded paths. I still enjoy this back to nature feel.

So I created a series of 6 such walks through the trees, all titled Peaceful Splendor, and named them 1-2-3-4-5-6. very creative naming I thought.

Each was a different area, yet the same peaceful feeling. This is #1 and #2 of the series of 6. All are 11" X 17" and framed in a beautiful cherry finish frame.

They were shown at a recent art guild showing, but no offers to purchase.

I hope to show all 6 of them in the near future.

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Such creativity
by: Mason Holmes

Dear Ted,

We met Jun 16 at the Oak Brook Classic Car Show. I'm the Vietnam veteran, and we talked about your military career, and you gave me info on this website. I'm intrigued by not only your lighthouses, and seascapes, also such works as "Healthy Cycle" "Stearman #472" and "Flip-Flops". These are all very creative. Just wanted to let you know. Mason Holmes

waiting in anticipation
by: waiting

I am a bit of a Sherlock Holmes, detective.
With my sleuthing, I was able to locate this gifted man. Not to reveal how I did it.

He politely gave me a one on one interview. I am an amateur reporter.

He shared his fathomless endless ideas of his paintings.

So a revelation here. Remember I said I was an amateur reporter and detective.

The revelation? He has worked for over two years creating "PEACEFUL SPLENDOR - SERIES 2. All this after a couple hospital stays and personal tragedies and problems.

So keep an eye out for this next series which I was to keep to myself, there are more than 24 beautiful paintings. S waiting in suspense, all of us are waiting Ted

by: professor

These scenes reminded me of something from my past, oh so many years ago. OK, I'll reveal it was more than 70 years ago.
GRADE SCHOOL: Teacher showed the class a picture and we were to write about our feelings when we saw this picture. When we were finished, we were to place the paper on her desk and we could go on home - early.
Class clown wrote one sentence and placed his paper on her desk, and he was out of there.
I wrote a full page expressing my inner feelings about the picture. I poured my hear out. I was hoping to get an "A" for my composition.
Next day we got our grades. I got a "B" for my hard work. Class clown got an "A".
He wrote, "Oh, how I wish I was there." One stupid sentence and he gets an "A".
My career? I became a college professor.

I saw them
by: Anonymous

I was at The Wings Gallery at The College of DuPage and saw these two paintings there on the wall.

The exhibit was presented strictly for veterans that are students at the college.

Then I was handed a small card with this address.

What a revelation. What a thrill to have seen something so beautiful, and now from the comfort of my home, see it again and share it with my family and friends.

I'll have to get back to the gallery again before they are returned to Ted.

Amazing art
by: Debbie Wedoff

Ted asked me to view some of his art and I can honestly say I was speechless. He truly has an amazing talent. I truly enjoyed viewing all his work!

Peaceful Splendor
by: RushMan

During our vacations camping, Dad just loved to go for walks, and hikes on the trails in the campgrounds, while us kids just wanted to hit the playgrounds and go swimming. But we relented and always enjoyed our walks with him. What wonderful memories of our camping vacations that these paintings these bring back! Keep up the good work, Dad!

by: Anonymous

This Ted fella must have a photographic eye. I looked at these two paintings and the realism is super. His brush strokes are so miniscule it is barely detectible that he used a paint brush to create this memorable painting.

If he hangs it in his home it is a waste because it belongs where public can view it. I say it is a "gallery" type of painting. Only a naturalist can appreciate this scene.

I love to walk in the country and this inspired me to go out for a walk.

Only when I got to the door did I realize it's winter and there is snow out there and its COLD !

But I was warmed with the painting.

Peaceful Splendor 1 and 2
by: Anonymous

Looking at these two paintings brought back a memory of my grade school English composition class. [Oh, more than 60 years ago.]

The assignment was to write a composition about feelings we had after she showed us a photograph slide projection.

The class clown wrote one sentence, whereas I wrote a whole page expressing my feelings. Clown received an "A", and I received a "C".

All he wrote was:


by: Anonymous

Ted's wife was hospitalized for a heart treatment and she was so proud of his beautiful paintings. She gave me this address and I forgot to look at it, then remembered the note from her.

I only wish I had looked sooner so I could have responded to her personally.

These are BEAUTIFUL ! Splendor is such a fitting title as that is what they are.

by: Anonymous

Bold images, yet simple everyday viewings available to all. Fascinating scenes invoking the viewer to look deeper and immerse themselves into the image.

Masterfully executed and causes the viewer to want to see more. Close your eyes and imagined you're walking in one of these great scenes. Get your imagination going, and enjoy your walk.

stress Relievers
by: Arle

I enjoy looking at scenes of nature when I am stressed. These are beautiful and take me back to my childhood. On camp outs my dad and I would walk the campground roads and hiking trails, sometimes sharing in conversation and at times just listening for the birds, squirrels and other small animals. We would check out the wild plants and their flowers as well as the smells of nature. I do not have this talent for painting/drawing but enjoy the works of others. These are a true treasure.

by: Anonymous

I was proud to have treated this artist's wife while she was in my care in hospital.

She showed me a picture of The Last Supper and then a picture print she had of #1. She is so wonderful and appreciative of her husband's beautiful paintings. Even gave me address to see them here.

Will hope to see many more soon.

A relative view
by: Cousin Ken

My cousin Ted is a fantastic artist. He captures the pure essence of each topic of his paintings. His latest series of peaceful reminiscences of walks in nature are superb.

memories outdoors
by: Anonymous

As a child, I considered myself an adventurer.

I have negotiated my way on similar paths & roads, overlooked fields, old fences, and 'worry how to get back to my starting point or home'.

At times I felt I was an explorer, seeing this scene for the first time, I was discovering new worlds, new areas to pass on to others. Many times hoping not to get lost and have to be rescued myself.

But these paintings are back to nature, enjoying the 'outdoors".

No one had had to rescue me. But I thank this artist for my walk through the woods and my imaginary trip back to nature. He has a photographic eye with his paint brushes. I look forward to see more of his work.

by: Nature Lover

Ted has captured two of the most beautiful scenes. I can visualize these same walks with nature.

Both are so real, I at first thought them to be photographs, but I have seen Ted's work before and know his works to be detailed paintings.

He is so meticulate with his paintings, so exacting and attention to minute detail.

I anticipate seeing the other 4 paintings of this 6 painting series.

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