Share Your Best Painting Tips and Funniest Stories?

Do you have some great painting tips that you would like to share? A hilarious story about the time that the cat rolled joyously across your still wet oil painting and then left her mark in inconvenient places?

Or an experience like that of my friend and student, Maureen, concentrating hard on her oil painting techniques as she finished off a still-life oil painting one evening at home, a glass of red handy on the table. Gulp! Splutter! Choking scream! That was turps that she had swallowed - and a memory that won't be easily forgotten.

Perhaps you have some good advice about tried and true painting techniques - maybe you know which watercolour paints react chemically with others to produce a certain effect (I don't but local Mossman artist, Sandra, does).

What about water soluble oil paints? Do you know the best way to use them? Can they be used like watercolour? Do you paint on canvas or paper?Is there a health reason that influences your choice, compared with solvent based oil paints?

Do you use acrylic paints? What about the new Chroma Australia 'Atelier' paint that can be 'refreshed' to its original colour and consistency after it has partly dried, with a fine spray of water?

What's your favourite brand of paint? Show us what you have done recently with it? Or is mixed media your favourite way of making art?

They say that oil and water don't mix but I have, very successfully, painted an ocean scene with oil and acrylic paints mixed together and applied with brush and palette knife.

Please include a photo of up to four of your paintings (or yourself, if you would like to) and make sure that your submission is at least 300 words in length.

Read what others have written, below. Comment, ask questions. Enjoy!

Have a painting tip that saves time, gives brilliant results?

Do you have a great painting tip (any medium)that you have discovered? It could even be "what not to do" - or a funny story associated with your painting efforts. We would all love to hear it. Do share!

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