Painting Ideas Flow As Terry Johnson's Fantasy Art Images Develop.

Terry Johnson is happy. His painting ideas and subjects for his fantasy art images are all around him as he works, his beaming smile an invitation to chat for a while.

For Terry's subjects are us and his everyday surroundings. His keen skills of observation are matched by his light-hearted approach to life as he finds much to amuse him – and us.

Smiling broadly, Terry sits astride a red chair in his studio, surrounded by paintings.Terry Johnson in his studio

Deftly he blocks in bright colour or adds a flourish here and there to an engaging painting, using his well practised acrylic painting techniques. With considerable skill, belied by his light-hearted approach, he makes comment or tells stories about an imaginary situation into which he draws the viewer.

Painting ideas flow so that reflections on drops of water, types of tropical fish, even lovers floating in the sky, are all part of Terry's fantasy art images.

Painting, 'Fishermen's Dream' - two men in a yellow boat are surrounded by an arc of fish swimming across the skyFishermen's Dream -acrylic on canvas

'Fishermen's Dream' - acrylic on canvas

Terry enjoys painting his joyous stories...lovers float in Chagall-like poses in the sky, fish circle a bather or leap with abandon into his arms, crabs are juggled by a dancer in high heels as she prances along the beach, while a fisherman strings out his impossible-looking catch for all to admire.

Patterns in nature fascinate Terry and are increasingly being explored as part of his investigation into surfaces and interactions that happen there - whether they be surfaces of water, the ground, sky or air itself.

Painting. 'A Passion for Pineapples' depicts pineapple plantations seen from a window, pineapples and avocadoes on the window ledge, the window curtain patterned with orange pineapples.A Passion for Pineapples - acrylic on canvas

Fantasy art images, humour and frivolity are Terry’s companions – and what fun he has with them as he journeys through life! Painting ideas just flow; his latest being an exploration of surfaces.

For all true artists have an insatiable curiosity and explore and research their subjects with a concentration and sense of purpose that non-artists may not appreciate.

Painting, 'Escape to the Cape' is dominated by an orange road leading to a turquoise ocean in the distance, a farmhouse and farm animals grazing in bushland.Escape to the Cape - acrylic on canvas

Originally from USA, Terry lives for the summer months in South Australia with his wife, Nancy, where they run their own fine art gallery. But once the chill winds roll in from the Antarctic, across the Southern Ocean, they head north for the warmth of their other home in Port Douglas, North Queensland.

Painting, 'Moonlight Meditation' shows a woman sitting, legs astride, feet in the water as fish float above her in full moonlight.Moonlight Meditation - acrylic on canvas

It seems to me that Far North Queensland, where everything seems to be exaggerated and larger than life and where the weirdest things seem to happen, is fertile ground for this imaginative artist.

'Goin' Troppo', Saint Mary's church on the inlet with colourful fish strung on lineGoin' Troppo - acrylic on canvas or giclee print on canvas or paper

Future directions: Along with an interest in surface planes, Terry wants to experiment with turning his explorations into three dimensional interpretations of the two dimensional painting surface, possibly using his burgeoning computer skills to do so.

He enjoys using other media such as textiles, clay or printmaking methods to express his ideas and feels that they enrich him as a painter.

In 2013 a new series of lithographs developed as a result of Terry's involvement with Editions Tremblay in Cairns.

Detail of 'A Dreammtime Story', black and white magpies in foregroundA Dreamtime Story - detail

It seems that Terry's painting ideas tumble forth, almost unbidden and that he is blessed with considerable artistic and personal skills, which help him to enjoy his life, his family and friends and particularly his job.

“What I seek to provide in my work is a feeling of well-being, of joy and a zest for living”, says Terry.

In this aim he has well and truly succeeded! But who knows what painting ideas will develop from Terry's new explorations and observations?

For example, his interest in William Morris has led him to explore patterns in the rainforest as he sketches and paints in the jungle or by a rainforest creek. Abstraction interests him as he investigates the shapes of tidal movements on Four Mile Beach, Port Douglas

This recent article sums up Terry's attitude to life and his work rather well.

Watch this space and also check out Terry's own website for more images or to ascertain whether certain paintings are still available contact him direct via this form.

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Recent paintings by Terry Johnson

Painting, 'Nelson' - jetty and boats in forground, bright blue water behind and hills in the distance
'Flying Start' - painting of small church in Port Douglas - lovers float in sky above.
Painting - 'Party' - red boat, people dance in the rigging and masts
'Peaceful waters' - woman in cobalt blue dress hangs fresh fish on clothesline near the ocean
'Claire's Garden' - still life with tropical fruit
'Leaves' - green leaves and goldfish move on a blue background
'Chooks' - crowing rooster and hen with buildings in distance
'Three for Lunch' - three red fish hang in open window, bowl of fruit on  table belowThree For Lunch
'Beach Shack' - small hut on beach, fishermen's floats, umbrella and flying gulls in foregroundBeach Shack
'Clown Fishing' painting - clown in blue and white hat, fish floating by
Painting of frangipani flowers
Stoney Acres - distant view of winding river and small townStoney Acres
photo of Terry with 'studio open' sign near Terry's Port Douglas studio
Blue and purple tree trunks against a black night skyNight Sky
Self portrait -Terry smilingTerry Johnson -self portrait

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