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Artists from other countries:

This website is about the art of tropical Australia. Most of the artists involved are from this hot and steamy part of the world.

But increasingly, artists from other parts of the world are uploading their work for all to see, and that is wonderful!

So if you live 'elsewhere' please show us what you have been doing lately? We would love you to share your painting ideas and interests and to see what inspires you.

Of course, your participation is not limited to paintings; perhaps you are a sculptor, a print maker or a fashion designer? We would love to welcome you 'aboard'.

By uploading your work here, completely free of charge, you will also be promoting it to the world. This site receives hundreds of visits every day of the year from people in over a hundred countries, so who knows who will 'discover' you?

Do you have drawings of flowers, ocean paintings, perhaps special portraits to show the rest of the world? If you are a photographer or a writer perhaps you could pass on some tips for taking digital photography with examples of your own work? Maybe you are a gardener with a passion for pen and ink rose drawings? No matter your interest, as long as it relates to art, all are welcome!

Please just make sure that you write about your work and its method or inspiration as well. With new requirements by search engines, each page on this site needs to be at least 400 words long so your cooperation will be appreciated.

Unfortunately, if your submission is less than 400 words I now may not accept it - so feel free to wax lyrical!

Artwork from other countries:

The criteria for uploading images to this site are really that artwork should have a flavour of tropical Australia - the subject of this site.

The idea is that locals or visitors to the area may come up with some great sketches or paintings - even maybe a sand sculpture or something equally ephemeral to share.

However we would also like to see what artists from a range of countries are doing - so here's your chance!

If you are a collector and would like to purchase artwork displayed here, please contact me.

Do share your latest 'masterpieces'?

Even if you don't think they are quite masterpieces yet, we would love to see what you are creating. Do share?

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