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Painters, textilers, print-makers

has been painting in Port Douglas for more than twenty years. Although proficient in other mediums, she loves the sensuality and richness of using oil paint above all others.

It usually takes some months for her to complete a painting because of the slow process of drying and curing each layer of paint, so she often has several paintings in a series in progress at any one time.

JILL BOOTH has been involved in art all her life - from childhood scribblings to art teaching, to watercolours, textiles, oil and acrylic paintings - even to designing and making her own range of silver jewellery and operating her family's gallery of fine art. These days she concentrates on developing paintings and collages as well as producing a range of silk and cotton fabric lengths and luxurious silk scarves.

LINDA JACKSON, famous for her partnership with Jenny Kee and the wonderfully productive "Flamingo Park" and then "Bush Couture" fashion boutiques, moved to live in North Queensland in 2000.

She has continued her involvement with indigenous women as teacher and collaborator, whilst developing new paintings and fabric lengths as well as a range of stunning opal jewelry.

More online art exhibitions - painters, printmakers and glass atists

loves working in her beautiful new studio, near a rainforest creek in Port Douglas, North Queensland.

Here she ponders the mysteries of Life and explores the magic of plant life in her carefully tended garden and the wild rainforest beyond.

Anna shares her observations in beautifully crafted reduction lino-prints for all to enjoy. 

paints happiness - happy people enjoying themselves, the lighter side of life and all the magic that it has to offer.

His tropical pictures are colourful and exuberant, their subjects ranging from drawings of angels and flowers to beach scenes, with paintings of fish cavorting through the sky while seagulls squawk and run about on white, sun-kissed sands.

MARY ANN RUNCIMAN draws and paints from life, her subjects usually being people - figure drawing, portraits of characters that she meets, and boats, whose architectural complexities fascinate her.

Glass artists, painters, ceramic artists, sculptors...

spent the beautiful tropical winters at their studio hideaway in the rainforest, north of Port Douglas, before moving back to New Zealand recently.

Here they found inspiration for their stunning art glass forms and jewellery, which are often developed collaboratively.

YOSHIKO KIRBY paints ideas - connections with other souls, dream stories and memories. But at times she just paints happy scenes of the tropical landscape where she lives.

Online art exhibitions continue:

LONE WHITE  enjoys working with various types of clay to make her iconic sculptural forms and smaller ceramic pieces.

She experiments with interesting glazes and clays, reflecting the forms that she sees in the rainforest and ocean where she lives in Tropical North Queensland.

An avid traveller, her influences are also the traditional crafts of villagers, especially those from various Asian countries, which she visits regularly, thus establishing a professional connection with them.

Judith Bohm-Parr

JUDITH BOHM-PARR's favourite glass medium seems to be pate-de-verre, at which she excels.

But she also enjoys fusing and slumping clear and opaque glass to make her characteristic Reef and Rainforest series of bowls and plates, perfect for personal and corporate gifts.

Judith has a strong following for her regular workshops, which cover lamp glass skills as well.

tells stories, working in the exciting and exacting medium of vitrified glass enamel. He inserts these 'jewels' into his acrylic paintings in such a way that the enamel details illustrate parts of each story that he tells.

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