by Rose RIgley
(Cairns QLD)

One dog is one, two, few is a visual investigation of the bond between humans and their canine ‘best friends’ by Cairns-based emerging artist, Rose Rigley.

The official launch is Friday June 12 from 6pm. The exhibition continues at the Tanks Arts Centre until July 8.

Recent ArtStart Grant recipient, Rigley pursues her 'pet' love. Enjoying a unique and dynamic relationship with their owners, dogs have established for themselves a niche within human society, often considered as a much loved member of the family. Rigley combines personal symbolism and mixed media to further pursue the elusive notion of memory, to gain a better understanding of the unusual compatibility between the two species and to argue that having only one good dog in a lifetime is never enough.

Rose Rigley’s practice is driven by process and concept, her practice focuses on the human condition with a particular emphasis on memory and finding a narrative in the ordinary and mundane. Utilising sculptural assemblage, encaustic and artist books, Rigley seeks to find the universal in the personal. This is her seventh solo exhibition since graduating in 2011.

Co-founding artist-run-initiative Knock Knock in 2010, Rigley has established an on-going program of curated exhibitions, professional development opportunities and community engagement events aimed at creating a dialogue about contemporary practice. She also works closely with Inkmasters Cairns Inc, as a Committee Member and Project Coordinator for Inkfest, a biennial exhibition and festival of printmaking.

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Ask a busy person...
by: Jill

Rose, it seems that you have unbounded energy and an enquiring mind. I look forward to connecting with some of your insights.

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