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by: Jealous

The recipient of this painting is a pastor? And he used to play there as a child. And to top that, his grandfather was the lighthouse keeper.

This artist certainly does his research for his paintings. Apparently with that he does not miss an element to incorporate in his works.

He is a one of a kind. Others have commented on the smallest details he hides, for others to find. His signature for example shows he is a showman. His early training sure lead to an gifted artist.

by: Anonymous

I enjoyed your quirky way of signing this.

Graffiti in the rocks. So unique.

I would call you a comedian, also.
Way to go.

by: Pastor Paul

Thanks for the painting and your attention to detail. I love it! My copy sits on my table and I get to see it every day. You are a blessing.

by: Anonymous

My painting instructor always stresses
SKY! A sky is air. It must be airy. No globs for clouds. Clouds are wispy - they are air, they are not solid.

Apparently you are able to illustrate this very feeling of airy lightness.

Show your gift proudly.

by: Anonymous

I spent all evening looking at such beautiful work, and the comments of the viewers. The creativity of this painting is so fantastic, so real. And the signature as graffiti shows such imagination and creativity.

This painting was not a quickie sort of work. So much detail in it all shows a love of ones work. And the effort shows.

Many compliments from our house.

So real
by: Admirer of art

A painting? It is so real I thought it was a photograph. The rocks are exquisite, the perspective is exact, but the signature as graffiti on the rocks shows this painters imaginative innovations.

Even the detail of the birds. They are always there near water, and Ted has captured so many elements in this painting.

Villa, Baby Baby
by: edward barnes

this look good

by: Anonymous

I have studied each of your landscape paintings, and am very impressed with your method of painting the sky. Each is unique, and so very realistic.

You have learned your art well, which is a reflection of your instructors. Very few painters can capture the sky as you have. Each is so real, almost photographic.

I rate your paintings with 5 stars. You achieve what many attempt to show and fall short.

Stay with your art, your works are commendable.

by: admirer

One would think the pastor who received your gift would submit a comment.

But I will give you a complimentary comment. You ARE creative and an unselfish giver. You have a gift of using your brushes to enlighten "our world".
I will be watching this site for more of your creative submissions. All seem to recognize and appreciate our "creator".

by: Anonymous

I would love to read the comments from the pastor who received this painting.

by: Jennifer-from the pantry

Ted--I really liked this lighthouse painting. I love the perspective of looking up from the shore and seeing the rocks. I grew up in Washington state and there were always big boulders on the shore below most lighthouses. Thank you for sharing your paintings with me. They are all so beautiful!

by: Rev. Parks

Ted, you have done it again. Beautiful is the best 'noun' I can think of. You have captured the moment of realism in this painting.

AND . . . . the grafiti is so creative. But what else can one expect from someone as gifted as you?

Your use of your gift is apparent and you tribute it to your creator. Use your gift to the glory of God!


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