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Loved it!
by: deb

You are a very talented artist. Mary Q. told me about you and I am glad she did. This is place I would love to visit. Thanks for sharing your talent!

Just speechless
by: Arle

I could definitely see this one hanging on a wall in my home next to the one you painted of my son.

I just love the ones that are of nature - created by the one and only almighty. Man cannot compete with God's creations.

Paint ?
by: Anonymous

So this is what you do with all that paint you buy at the store. And all the detail. I almost can count each leaf on the trees.

Even the water seems to be in motion.

I hear or read your remark: "If you have a gift, it is a gift from GOD. But if you use that gift, - it is a gift to GOD."

Well spoken Mr. Ted

A Giver
by: Royal

I understand this beautiful painting was donated as a gift to help pay the tuition costs for some student.

God loves a cheerful giver, and this artist freely gives when the request is there.

"Katrina", "Last Supper", "Last Supper II", and others all gifts to deserving people. And "Cooya Beach" was also gifted to a Lucinda.

You are rich in talent. I do hope you get compensated for some of these fantastic paintings.

The masters paintings are priceless after they're gone. Stay with us as I'm sure you have more that you want to paint. Many blessings to you.

by: Anonymous

Again you have helped by sharing your God given talent with so many people. I was so glad you asked me to assist with the framing of this museum quality piece. The result is so stunning.

But your offer to include this in an auction for your church and school is awesome.

Someone has received a beautiful memorable painting from your gifted hands. A treasure to be sure. I hope they will be able to add their comment to this page and share their feelings with others also.

by: Anonymous

So glad you gave me this URL address to see this beautiful painting.

I guess I will ask you to paint a special one for me some time. This is absolutely stunning with all the detail you show. But you were an architect draftsman and it shows in all you put into a painting also.

by: JERRY-paint store

This man is "fabulous" with his painting illustrations. This one is spectacular.

Even has water flowing over the water wheel, something few accomplish. And the colors just so realistic, just like a greeting card.

What next from those talented hands?

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