Luxury travel trends in Australia include partnering with leading tropical resorts.

Luxury travel trends in tropical Australia include an increase in luxury adventure travel and consequent use of beautifully appointed 'bush camps' or fabulous tropical resorts in stunning locations.

What sets your luxury travel vacation apart may well be this choice of accommodation. Perhaps the ultimate in luxury vacations for you may be the freedom of choosing from safari camps, tropical resorts or luxury private houses.

Luxury Private Houses

Some of these private houses will include a daily or weekly service (clean, linen change) and there may be minimum booking periods. But luxury travel trends also include small groups with your own personal guide. In North Queensland tropical resorts are often set in acreage in the rainforest or on ocean frontage so are ideal for those seeking privacy.

I have noticed that luxury private houses, being generally quite large, are sometimes shared by several couples or families, thus making them, while luxurious, quite an inexpensive holiday, compared with resorts.

They are also, understandably, very popular with celebrities or with wedding parties, although large functions in some homes may not be permitted.

Usually the houses are owned by individuals, who holiday in the area perhaps only once a year. An agent is responsible for their letting and maintenance as well as for any services that the traveler may require.

Facilities will usually include a swimming pool and possibly a tennis court or even putting greens, air-conditioning, a state-of-the-art kitchen and access to services such as chefs, diving on the Great Barrier Reef, golf or swimming lessons and, of course, car or limousine hire.

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Luxury travel trends - tropical resorts

Luxury tropical resorts in Australia will probably offer you a choice of several restaurants and bars, an expansive swimming pool right at your door, complimentary shuttle bus travel, a tour booking service, conference facilities, a shop for daily necessities, clothes and even artwork...heaven?

It is essential, in a luxury resort property, that service in all areas of guest interaction is impeccable, for we know that you have high standards. You will, of course, expect a beautifully appointed suite of rooms or bedroom/lounge, with prompt room service just a quick call away. If you are able to afford the indulgence, you need to see value for it.

There seems to be a growing trend for resort "chains" to operate at different locations in the country. Port Douglas resorts such as the Sheraton, Rydges and Mantra are names that spring to mind. In theory this should, at least, mean that you can expect a certain standard of service and facilities, which could engender loyalty to a brand. I wonder if it also means that local flavour is sacrificed?

I have no idea about this, but perhaps you can enlighten me? Please take a moment to tell us about your favourite tropical resorts and luxury travel vacation? Maybe you can add a photo - perhaps with the resident cockatoo on your shoulder, of your partner emerging zombie-like from an hour of massage bliss - or elegantly dressed for a memorable dinner?

Resort staff might also like to chime in with their "take" on why their establishment has the "edge" on competition?

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