Low Isles artworks

A selection of Low Isles artworks from the Port Douglas exhibition 'Low Isles, a Fragile Sanctuary' exhibition toured to Cairns Regional Gallery. The whole exhibition, held at the old Sugar Wharf building in Port Douglas was highly successful and attracted three hundred viewers on the opening night alone.

The opening of the Cairns Regional Gallery exhibition was on February 2, 2008. The exhibition ran for five weeks, viewers enjoying this local perspective of an endangered island and learning a little about this tiny speck in the Pacific Ocean, an hour's sail from the small resort town of Port Douglas.

The history of the island, with its importance to indigenous Australians, the vital role of the lighthouse in marine safety and the full moon magic of the annual coral spawning were all stories that captured the audience's imagination.

The variety of artworks - from an installation to ceramics and paintings - all examined some aspect of the island from individual artists' perspectives.

The isolation, loneliness and deprivation of the lighthouse keepers and their families was a recurrent theme as was the variety of marine life in the coral lagoon.

Because artists stayed overnight on several occasions, snorkelled in the lagoon with turtle, fish and coral and spent many days exploring the island and researching its history they were well qualified to comment on its ecology and history.

They developed and bonded as a group over months of regular meetings and discussions about the content and style of the exhibition.

A number of artists from this inaugural exhibition then went on to develop and exhibit with the Go Troppo Arts Festival.

Low Isles Artworks

Jill Booth

'Our Island Home 1' - triptych - oil on canvas
'Our Island Home 2' - triptych - oil on canvas'Our Island Home' - triptych - oil on canvas
'Our Island Home 3' - triptych - oil on canvas
Low Isles Dreaming' - mixed media and collage'Low Isles Dreaming' - mixed media and collage
'The Blue Table' - mixed media, collage'The Blue Table' - mixed media, collage
'Painted Cray' - screen printed dyes on silk'Painted Cray' - screen printed dyes on silk

Jill Chism

'Coral Grave for William Hannah' installation on Low Isles'Coral Grave for William Hannah' installation on Low Isles
Working on 'Footprints' installation on Low IslesWorking on 'Footprints' installation on Low Isles

Louise Collier

'Island Day Out' oil on canvas'Island Day Out' oil on canvas
'Lighthouse Dreaming' oil on canvas'Lighthouse Dreaming' oil on canvas
'Golden Dawn After Coral Spawn' - mixed media'Golden Dawn After Coral Spawn' - mixed media
'Midnight Feast' - oil on canvas'Midnight Feast' - oil on canvas
Shirrering Sunset' - oil on canvas'Shimmering Sunset' - oil on canvas - oil on canvas

Anna Curtis

'Storm at Sea' - reduction lino print'Storm at Sea' - reduction lino print
'Underwater Wonderland' - reduction linoprint'Underwater Wonderland' - reduction linoprint

Anne Engdahl

'Pigeon Count''Pigeon Count'
'Island Dreaming''Island Dreaming'
'Beach Watch''Beach Watch'
'Weather Watch' - oil on canvas'Weather Watch' - oil on canvas

Christine Eyres

'The Lighthouse Keepers Wife' - oil on canvas'The Lighthouse Keepers Wife' - oil on canvas
'Sacred Trust' - acrylic on paper'Sacred Trust' - acrylic on paper
'Lighthouse Keeper's Wife' - solar etching'Lighthouse Keeper's Wife' - solar etching
'Written in Water' - oil on canvas'Written in Water' - oil on canvas

Here Christine writes about her Low Isles exhibition experience.

Helen Low

'Coral Spawning' 
mixed media on canvas'Coral Spawning' mixed media on canvas
'Water Nymphs'
mixed media on board'Water Nymphs' mixed media on board

Judy Richards

'Low Isles Protection Society' - glazed ceramic'Low Isles Protection Society' - glazed ceramic
'Counting Pigeons While Corals Spawn'
ceramic, glaze'Counting Pigeons While Corals Spawn' ceramic, glaze
'Whose Island is it, Anyway?'
ceramic, paint'Whose Island is it, Anyway?' ceramic, paint

Gail Shaw

'The Incredible Lightness of Being on Low Isles' - watercolour'The Incredible Lightness of Being on Low Isles' - watercolour
'Fishy Business on Low Isles' watercolour'Fishy Business on Low Isles' watercolour

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