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by: Odessa

Very beautiful! Really like your paintings!

water anyone?
by: Anonymous

Such detail. And you are not a sailor? But such work as you illustrate is commendable.

I can barely paddle a row boat but I recognize when someone knows water and sailing and light houses.

by: Ken-art atudent

You have awesome talent. God given is the best way to describe your wonderful painting.

You create a location, and add motion, then capture the entire event on your canvas.

by: Tom

Wonderful depiction and composition.

If you have more works for viewing I sure would like to see them.

I admire your style, and realism.

by: Charles

You have captured an exquisite scene.

Any land lover can appreciate your depiction of a sea scene as this. But a true sailor appreciates it more, as I do.

I can feel the rolling deck beneath my feet, or in this case my butt, as I would not be walking the deck of that schooner.

Real depiction of the sea and a sailors' love of ships. "Way to go man".

by: Anonymous

A true artist can inspire. Artists can create and illustrate. They can capture a moment with their painstaking hours of input.

Certainly a photo snaps a moment, but to painstakingly put down such a painting as this, showing motion, and the land adjacent to the sea, it is a gift that only "Our Creator" can say, "Use your gift. It is what I gave you."

Safe Harbor
by: Sheryl (Ultra)

I thank you so much for blessing me with the lighthouse!!! God does work in mysterious ways. He is sooo right on time.

Eternal thanks

by: Yddet

Is that what American shore line really looks like? When US sailors visit Australia they amaze us.

Safe Harbor
by: Anne

Makes me want to take our sailboat out. Very nice.

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