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by: Justin Rink

Hey Ted! This is Justin, we spoke on Sunday about your paintings. I wanted to take the time to view them and without a doubt, this is my favorite. As a native of Chicago myself I truly adore this signature lighthouse that stands alone in the Chicago bay. You did a wonderful job capturing the warmth of Chicago with this painting even though you used so many cool colors. I look forward to seeing more and talking with you more!

Lake Michgan
by: Anonymous

I look at a map and see Lake Michigan. Not too impressive - (on paper). Then I see this painting and something comes alive.

Long ago I saw/heard of "The Tall Ships" that were to visit Chicago.

Then Ted paints two occasions, combines events and it has real meaning to me and I hope others.

What an eye and imagination. Looking at a map I never realized the lake would be large enough for such BIG ships.

by: Land Lover

I have been to Chicago's Navy Pier, and there about a mile from the shore is a light house - this lighthouse.

I have never seen a close view of it, as I said,it is a mile out in Lake Michigan. So this is what it looks like close up.

And I did not have to get in a boat and get sea sick to see it close up. Thank you for the ride.

by: doctor's paitents

Went to my doctor and was ushered into his examining room. While waiting for him, my eyes wanderd around the room.

And there on his wall was this painting, your painting. I looked closely and saw your signature on the painting.

I asked him about it and he said you also were a patient of his and he liked the painting so it is on "loan" to him.

Ted is so generous.

Good job
by: Anonymous

I think you do a really great job
lady from yard sale

by: Jackie

This is a very beautiful painting! You have a lot of talent!

A safe harbor
by: Anonymous

I remember our pastor had a sermon about "Safe harbor."

This painting stimulated my recall of that sermon and how well this painting and its title are synonomous.

Beautiful portrayal that inspires recall of an event of my life.

by: your banker

When you visited the bank today and you mentioned you were a painter, I visualized a "house painter" and I was contemplating whether to hire you to paint my windows.

But I see you do not do windows. Your work is stupendous. I meet such great people in the banking business, and never know what will appear next.

I am almost tempted to ask if your work could be displayed at our facility. But a problem exists: We cannot assure your works would be secure from theft and vandalism.

But will keep your works in mind as a possible future endeavor.

by: Arle

This one is one of my favorites. It takes me out of the office and into the wind.

My #1 favorite though is Baby, Baby because the older boy looks so much like my son.

A true artist
by: Jim

You are a true artist! You seem to captivate the viewer with such realism. A Chicago landmark, the lighthouse; then a sloop, in motion no less, and combine them into an exquisite painting.

Someone will have a beautiful painting in their house, and be proud of the superior workmanship that you have recorded for all to see.

Commendable effort, Mr. Ted.

by: Ruth

I have seen this place...

by: Kristen

I love Chicago. I remember seeing this lighthouse from when I went on a dinner cruise on the Odyssey. What a beautiful view from the middle of lake Michigan!

Just a wow
by: I'm a Ted too

I look at a map and see a vertical strip of water and near the bottom is a city name, Chicago.

One cannot realize from a map the size of this "Lake Michigan", or the fact that being so large it has a lighthouse. There must be some dangerous waters in the area as a lighthouse was a sailor's warning of treacherous waters or dangerous rocks and a light to guide them to safety. I can see the rocky base of the lighthouse.

Your work has such realism.

by: postalgirl

great work Ted! you're very good at this. yes this would be worth a million but hopefully not after you pass.

by: Anonymous

You have captured what many photographers attempt to do with a camera. The composition, the objects, even the motion of the boat, (or is it a ship), and the waves are stupendous. Hope to see more of your work. Is this one for sale?

Navy Pier
by: Brian E

Ted -

Great job. Now I want to take the kids down to Navy Pier.


Wow !
by: Chicago resident

Wow ! Lived here many years and have yet to see this other than occasional newspaper pictures. You have captured more than a photograph, you have given a new view that few have ever seen. So for us 'land bound', we now realize what is really out there.

Applause for a fantastic picture. Now I must go see it in person.

Great job, Ted!!
by: Barb and Ron Kotch

Ted, this lighthouse picture is so pretty!! You did a great job!! I always liked lighthouses too.

by: Anonymous

Very nice, Dad!
Your paintings are really becoming exceptional!

Love, Russ

I want to be there
by: Yddet

Lake Michigan is so large it even has lighthouses. I thought those were only at ocean cities.

I looked at your painting and was awestruck. The boat seems to be going past the lighthouse and then past me too.

And the waves are moving too! Then I saw all the gulls, and - I thought I heard them.

You do have a way with the paint brush.

Wow! Everything is in motion
by: Anonymous

Ted, you seem to have a talent for making things move. I look at your painting and the waves are moving. I wish you had sound with your picture, that would make it stupendous.

And that boat; Lake Michigan is big, but I had not realized how big until I saw the size of your boat in the painting.

I can feel the rush of the water as the boat moves past. When will we have sound with paintings?

Keep up the excellent work. Waiting to see more of you.

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