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by: Anonymous

Such realism. And it's "only" a painting.

That statement is so wrong. It is not 'only' a painting, it is a beautiful painting. AND it is here for all to see.

Such realism. I turned up the volume on my computer speakers. I wanted to hear the waves crashing against the boat and the shore line.

Then I came back down to earth. This is such a quality painting, and I am jealous of someone who will own it.

change nothing
by: Anonymous

Ted has captured a moment in time that is frozen with his painting.

A title change would be insulting. The people on the boat were enjoying the day. The artist was enjoying his day. And now he is able to share this with all who view it.

Don't even think of a title change. It is a perfect title for this work.

I wish I was on board
by: Bill Bradley

Nice one Ted, it's got a good feel to it. I get itchy feet and want to get out on the water again just looking at it.

A Sailors Life
by: Sheryl (Ultra)

Mr. M,
I love your work!!! Tell your wife that she is blessing us with the man with the hands of a true artist. We appreciate you both for sharing your gift. God Bless!!!

Eternal thanks

by: Anonymous

Don't even try to change the name, A SAILORS LIFE is a perfect title.

Stick with it, the title is appropriate and I mean perfect.

by: Anonymous

Some like a challenge. Those on the boat seem to enjoy their venture, and I think the artist did a fantastic job recording the scene.

Way to go man.

by: Anonymous

And I thought Lake Michigan was a smooth lake. Looks like a wild time for the sailors that venture out on it.

The Windy City
by: Anonymous

Chicago has a reputation as "The Windy City".

However checking further into its history, the WINDY does not refer to weather but rather their politicians.

Does that mean they were BLOW HARDS?

[Name with held to protect the guilty.]

A Sailor's Life
by: RushMan

One of my favorites, even though I'm not a sailor.

a brisk day?
by: Jill

Ted, many thanks for sharing this lively painting with us. It is obvious that you love the sea and know about sailing. Does anyone have an idea regarding Ted's challenge to rename his painting?

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