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light house
by: ruby

All your painting is amazing

by: Anonymous

I hear this expression so much lately from teen agers mostly.

To capture the storm and with such detail and precision is most commendable.

I see no handicap in the painting of these two lighthouses.

Anxiously anticipating Teds next painting venture. Most commendable artist.

Stormy light house
by: RushMan

This is not among my favorites of Ted's, but it still a fascinating painting to study, as he explores using different painting techniques.
My favorites of his are his many fall country sceneries, (he Splendor series), which remind me of a painting that hung in my grandmother's house in the living room. I also love the Red Mill, and the Scottish lighthouse. Keep up the good work!

aches and pains
by: Anonymous

While sitting in my Chiropractors waiting room, I saw these two lovely paintings on his office waiting room wall.
I got up and read the signature. Asked the doctor and he said one of his patients that he is treating now and had treated him about 6 years ago when his arm was injured.
Apparently the treatment was successful to create such eye appealing paintings.
I'm glad his office woman had this address to share.

by: nameless friend

I met Ted at the Addison Historical Museum, where he has his painting of the Addison wind mill. He gave me this address to give a look-see, and mentioned that these 2 paintings are in the reception/waiting room of the doctor that was treating him.

I looked here and am amazed at the quality and perfection of these two paintings. Ted seems to capture motion, and has the ability to show that
motion yet it is as a photograph would show it.

by: Anonymous

I read someplace in Ted's biography that he was an architectural drafts person. I looked very closely at "STORMY LIGHTHOUSE". i looked at he railings or fences around the base of the lighthouse.

Such detail to incorporate in a painting is fantastic. I see his love for his work and to share with others is commendable.

I was thrilled when someone said I should look up this site. My compliments Ted, you are to be commended for such detail.

by: Admirer

I have seen Ted's many paintings on this site. Each more beautiful than the next. His capture of the waves crashing against the lighthouse is action, yet a "freeze frame" of the world around us. Split Rock lighthouse also has this frozen motion so beautifully shown.

With Ted's handicap of his painting arm he is still able to paint his visions for us to enjoy. "Where there is a will, there will be a way", and his professor friend is someone to cherish for finding a way for him to paint thee beautiful scenes.

Ted had stated that his most beautiful picture is still inside his head. These surely must be two of them.

Triumph Over Adversity!
by: Jill

Well done, Ted. Persistence is winning - hope your back improves rapidly.

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