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by: Rep from Target phone

beautiful artwork.

As promised,

by: Leslie-Hartford

Hi Ted,
As per our conversation today I have completed my homework... your art is inspiring.


WOW!!! Really Impressed
by: Anonymous

Hi Ted,
It's John Michael Quinn from painting class. Thanks so much for sharing your site. I am sooooo impressed with your talent. Your work is truly beautiful and inspiring!!!

I hope one day to be able to do this!!!

God Bless,
John Michael Quinn

by: Anonymous

I was discussing the merits of this depiction with Ted and he has a mental picture of his next creation of Last Supper III.

I hope he will show it here as his description of the #III will be stunning.

I am waiting in anticipation for his presentation.

by: Anonymous

I have viewed this beautiful painting at Immanuel. It is a great showing of what our Lord had to endure for our sins.

Lord's Supper
by: Pastor Allyn

Our Lord gives gifts in bread and wine, His body and blood, and the night he instituted this is a special night. Many have sought to speak of the emotion and conflicts of that night, and the expulsion of Judas at this evening meal is a great way to feel through this painting some of the conflicts, emotions and concerns of the night.

by: Karen Gehse

Beautiful painting Ted!!

by: ad-mirer

You have shown your interest in Biblical storied with your Last Supper, and now again with Last Supper II.

This church is most honored with their acceptance of this art from you.

Will be watching this as comments get added.


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