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Marcel Kras lives with his partner, Ceri, in a beautiful old farmhouse, which they renovated themselves, in the countryside south of Amsterdam.

Marcel and Ceri's houseMarcel and Ceri's house

His older daughters and their young sons are a joy to him and central to their lives.

Marcel's career path started with product development in the field of food technology and led to IT positions for multinational metal and pharmaceutical companies.

In his spare time, he became a painter, mostly exploring aspects of nature in the country of his birth, Holland.

It was natural that he would then develop his own website in order to sell his artwork. He was also selling his art through galleries but became frustrated with the high commissions payable through that system.

As an ex-gallery owner I could mention the horrific costs of running such an establishment but, although I enjoyed it, I have never thought that the gallery system was so wonderful. What other workers or business owners would need to produce work and hope that someone will buy it, all the time coping with escalating costs? (Little wonder that many choose to make “pot boilers” – but is that “art”?).

Fifteen years ago when we started our galleries, the internet was barely known about – and we didn’t even have a computer! Who would have imagined that we would sit at our desks as I am doing and reach out to the world?

Krazart logo

Marcel Kras follows his passion

So Marcel followed his passion by setting up his website for all artists, initially for those from Holland and Europe but then, venturing further afield, for those from other continents and countries.

Marcel KrasMarcel

He and Ceri and Marcel’s sister, Monique, are involved in building and promoting their art website, which they aim to keep affordable for all artists. It follows that, without huge selling costs, the public may purchase artwork relatively inexpensively.

Krazart makes offer to Australian artists.

If you are interested in reaching a wider audience and promoting your artwork and art classes through Krazart, Marcel is offering to feature Australian artists and art workshops on his site FREE for the first year if they are also featured on Art in Tropical Australia. That way, artists have the best chance to promote their work world-wide.

Marcel and Ceri’s mission is to find great and inspiring art courses on all continents of the world and motivate these artists and artisans to join Krazart.

(At present artists and teachers who join current their promotions do not pay any commissions at all, either for the sale of work or of workshops, although they pay an annual, small fee to be part of the website. This is subject to change without notice).

It is their ambition to open the eyes of their website visitors and inspire them to combine a holiday with a creative activities and learn more about local artisans and their art, anywhere on this planet!

In other words – creative tourism in action!

If you would like to investigate Marcel's offer, please check it out here. And...if you are looking for a satisfying holiday in Europe joining the locals as they view Renaissance art or Salvador Dali paintings - or perhaps spending a week at a special raku workshop in Spain, this is where you will be spoilt for choice!

When you come home perhaps you will write and tell us all about it?

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