Kerri Redding - tropart

by Kerri Redding
(Mareeba )

Native Hibiscus and Jugs

Native Hibiscus and Jugs

I was told my first sentence was “pretty little flower”. So it’s not surprising when I started to paint that plants were the focus of my attention.

Spending a lot of time on the coast I focused a lot on coconuts and other tropical beach vegetation. Now I live on the banks of the Baron river I’m concentrating more on dry country and local plants.

If I’m after that tropical look I can always go to my house garden. Originally I started painting in acrylics but over the last couple years I’ve moved to watercolours. I find the watercolours very challenging but I like the fact you can stop and start easily and also it’s an easy cleanup.

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Apr 30, 2020
Trop art
by: Jill

Yes, watercolour is beautiful. It also has the advantage of being pure colour, whereas acrylic has chemical additives to give it plasticity and help the clour to last.

It is transparent so layering can build up colours and texture. Mind you, if I use acrylics, I nearly always use transparent colours, probably for the same reason!

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