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by: Michelle O. T.

I checked out the website. You are very talented. It was nice meeting you!

by: Anonymous

I was in a restaurant in Naperville, IL. and saw this painting on the wall. An employee said it was on loan to them and for sale.

When I returned the following week, IT WAS GONE.

I asked where it was, fearing I had missed buying it.

I was told that Ted had donated it to "a Katrina Storm Victim". And it was on its way to New Orleans as a gift to someone to receive when their new home was completed.

I missed out but someone will receive a priceless piece of art. What a generous man Ted is.

by: Rachel Chase

It was lovely to meet you today. I loved looking at your pictures. Your work is fantastic.

by: Anonymous

I located this person and had a wonderful experience talking with him.

YES - he is into music. Has performed on stage for 15 years as a solo tenor, performed at a concert hall for 15 years.

More questions and he answered them. He plays a Marimba. What is that? A marimba is similar to a xylophone but more mellow tones. Ted explained that A Marimba sounds same note as a piano whereas a xylophone sounds one octave above the played note.

Draftsman? Yes he worked for a large department store chain in their architectural division.

And now he paints. What a creative individual he is.

I just wish I owned one of his creations.

by: Anonymous

I went back to the top and read your biography.

Architectural draftsman, and I think a few others.

With all your knowledge of things, I bet you are into music also. Let me imagine what: Some kind of percussion, not drums, maybe xylophone. Or were you a singer?

Bet you did some performing on the stage.

How else would you have such humor?

by: Anonymous

New Orleans is noted for their music. What a novel approach to the subject. Such imagination.

Brad Pitt
by: Admirer

You know him? And he has one of your paintings? WOW !

Are you making any more for Katrina? Hope you will post it here.

Beautiful !!!!
by: Marylin Gardner

All of your paintings are beautiful and amazing.This my favorite. I love flowers and this looks so much like a photograph.It is so perfect.I am proud to have met you when you came in with the other gentleman. I hope to see you again one of these days. Keep up the beautiful work. Maybe someday I will be able to buy one. That is after I win the lottery!

Marylin Gardner
Elmurst,IL, USA

by: Anonymous

New Orleans has always been noted for their music and their special style.

This is a new approach to style but it has such beauty.

I thank you for the opportunity to see the works of a talented artist. I bet you studied music also. And a talented musician usually receives flowers upon completion of a concert.

I see this as such a gesture.

Pretty Music
by: Karen Gehse

Pretty Music is beautiful, Ted. Thank you for contributing to the Imagine New Orleans project.

by: Laura

When people speak of Katrina, images of ruined buildings, homes and lives disrupted come to mind. This painting reminds us of the music that New Orleans is known for - the beauty, not the devastation. This painting, no matter where it is displayed would instantly make someone think of the beautiful music in our life.

by: nahid

This is a very nice job , thanks TED. we would like to see more of his painting .

Very nice
by: Anonymous


by: Kay/Walmart

Ted, this is still my favorite of your work. Flowers are God's hand at painting. With the flower laying on a keyboard you can hear the Angels singing through the petals.

great piece
by: Anonymous

This group of IArtists is just a local group in a Chicago suburb. But their outreach is what is amazing. And their challenge: an objective to 'help make a house a home'.

Such a heart-warming gesture. What ever inspired them sure has to be a gesture of compassion for these New Orleans people who have suffered such tragic loss.

The world need more people such as IArtists.

They contribute from the heart with no thought of material compensation. My personal compliment to all of you.

by: Anonymous

As I was growing up there was a song, something about;

"Put another nickel in
in the nickel-lodeon
all I want to hear from you
is music, music.

New Orleans has their style of music, and looking at this painting I can hear such tunes running through my head.

Your contribution as well as the group of
I-Artists is to be commended for their effort. The world has many generous 'givers' and I feel your contribution will grace someones home soon.

I heard that Miss America was part of the first painting to be presented to a home owner when the rebuilt home was completed. Such warmth has to come from the heart.

by: Anonymous/Yddet

You do have a way with your paint brushes, Ted. Your work looks like a real pro.

I'm sure some deserving family in New Orleans will appreciate your effort to portray a feeling of their music.

Way to go, man!

I read your previous submission called Katrina. Your group, I Artists have heart.

All I can say is IT IS FANTASTIC!

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