JILL BOOTH – art journal exerpts July 2012

by Jill Booth
(Port Douglas, North Queensland)

Image etched on the stone

Image etched on the stone

July 10

These journal exerpts will probably be rather rambling – like talking to myself. But I am aware that you are looking over my shoulder so there won’t be any ‘code’ jottings or remarks ‘for my eyes only’.

Of recent times it seems that colour is what interests me most – that, as well as movement and rhythm within a composition. So coloured shapes and lines move across the canvas – or if I am using dyes and fabric it is me that moves around the printing table and it just happens.

The browns and reds and soft, muted greens of the outback used to fascinate me – and they still do. But because I live on the tropical coast of North Queensland, where beaches are fringed by brooding jungle, it seems that brilliant splashes of flowers against a backdrop of dark greens are what, increasingly, I respond to these days.

Drawings of flowers become water soluble oil pastel paintings or paintings in oils and, most recently, lithographs and lino prints. I am not really so interested in developing precise and careful drawings but more in communicating my impression of, say, a glimpse into a garden of heliconias, gingers or bougainvilleas.

Something like the impression that one has of the savannah - trees seen from a car – they appear to move as the relative distance and relationships between them changes for the observer. A fleeting impression, a memory etched on the retina, is what I would like to achieve.

Workshops in Cairns with Theo Tremblay, G.W.Bot and Rew Hanks, organised by the Inkmasters group, have allowed me to experiment with translating these ideas into lithographs and linoprints – works-in-progress, one shown above. I’m not sure that these mediums will work for me and I may go back to explore paint and collage ideas further to achieve the feeling of movement and colour.

The end results may take the form of paintings, mixed media, original prints on paper or digital prints on silk fabric – lengths, wraps or scarves. Now that I don’t have my studio with its long printing tables I have to adapt to a new way of throwing colour about!

The oil pastel sketch above was developed into really gorgeous silk scarves - see www.art-in-tropical-australia.com/designer-scarves.html .

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by: Ted E. Mueller

I look at the sketches and wish I could do that.

I envision being able to paint the lovely flower scenes on my canvasses.

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