Inside / Out: Mapping spiritual journeys - a collaborative print project

Ross Bannister, Silent Witness, intaglio and relief, 2013

Ross Bannister, Silent Witness, intaglio and relief, 2013

Inside / Out: Mapping spiritual journeys is a collaborative printmaking exhibition, to be launched at Circa 1907 Contemporary Artspace, City Place, Cairns.

The exhibition opens on Tuesday June 18 and continues to Saturday July 06.

The launch party will be 6 to 8pm on Friday June 21.

Inside / Out is a selection of original prints, initiated by Inkmasters Cairns Inc. and curated by Marian Wolfs. Works by Inkmasters members - Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and non-indigenous artists – are included.

The prints are all based on the bi-horn shape of the metal breast plates, or "king plates", awarded to indigenous leaders in colonial societies including Australia, to facilitate cooperation and assuage the social effects of exploiting the land.

The journey to reconciliation, how it might be accomplished and what results can be expected, remains a current and vexed topic for all Australians.

These newly created "king plate" prints reflect the wide range of contemporary views of this fraught passage. They range from personal narratives to historical perspectives, all of which seek to embody a ‘transit of the spirit’ as a necessary process of discovering mutual understanding.

The prints include old and new technologies - etching and aquatint, lithography, relief printing, archival pigment prints, chine collé, hand colouring and combinations of these print processes. The works also include collaborations between indigenous and non-indigenous artists.

The unique collection of 26 original prints, 38 x 28cm in size, will be offered for display in museums and galleries both nationally and internationally. However it will be launched in Cairns before it begins its tour.

Inkmasters Cairn Inc. has about 60 members, and was formed in 2011 to foster printmakers and the artform of printmaking, by conducting exhibitions, workshops and exchanges. The Inside Out project is the first of its kind to be undertaken by the group, but we are already firmly established as a centre of excellence for printmaking.

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