Inkmasters Printmaking Workshop - 16/17 March 19

by Margaret Genever
(InkMasters Cairns)

Laurel McKenzie at Inkmasters Print Workshop

Laurel McKenzie at Inkmasters Print Workshop

Sat 16th March 2019: 8:45am
- Sun 17th March 2019: 4:00pm

INSTRUCTOR Laurel McKenzie
Translate your drawing into another medium – etching, aquatint or drypoint print. The resultant original prints will be editioned (created in multiples) and printed on archival quality paper.

The group could elect to exchange finished prints amongst themselves - each person would have a signed original print by the other participants for their collection - or prints from each edition could be set aside for inclusion in a collaborative portfolio that could be offered for sale or gifted as a set. These are just suggestions – to be decided by the group.

No previous printmaking experience necessary - Maximum 10 participants

Booking essential – Payment secures your place - Cost $112 includes all materials.

What to bring: notebook and pencil, sketches* and basic drawing materials, lunch, personal insect repellent. Wear closed-in shoes and tie long hair back.

*Drawings should be A4 size or smaller. It would be preferable to photocopy (or scan and inkjet print) the drawings; this way they can be scaled to size if necessary, and reversed, to produce a mirror image to work with, Or, artists can copy/print onto drafting film or similar, then copied drawings can be flipped to trace onto the plate. Either way, the original drawing is preserved. The image will be reversed back to right-way-around when printed.

To book:

Pay by direct debit: Inkmasters Cairns Inc - St George Bank BSB 114879 - A/c 474243442. Reference: Please use your name and tutor initials e.g. SmithB-LM
Or: Pay cash or cheque at the bank.

Please email to advise you have paid (and your reference number if necessary), and if you require more information.


Day 1:

• look at and discuss examples of different intaglio prints and artists’ drawings.
• transfer copied and reversed drawing onto a prepared aluminum plate. Demonstration of plate preparation (bevel edges, degrease, coat with hard ground resist, protect the back of the plate).
• use an etching needle or improvised tool to draw through the hard ground.
• etch the image in several stages to create different depths of line
• clean the plate
• prepare paper and printing press
• ink and wipe plate and trial print

Day 2:
• discuss options for further developing each image – eg. extend line etching, aquatint, drypoint, scrape and burnish
• make modifications as decided and trial print again
• discuss colour options, possible combination of relief and intaglio printing, chine colle
• prepare paper for a small edition
• prepare ink and printing press
• print small edition
• clean up
• evaluate results
• learn how to sign and number prints, pack prints to transport home and dry flat.

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